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This page lists the 25 languages in which the 22,263 works catalogued by this site are written. Clicking any language will take you to the complete set of works published in that language.

Please help us to extend our catalogue of works written in languages other than English. Over 96% of our index is currently dedicated to works in English -- and we are embarrassed by this. If you are multilingual, please consider helping us add sites to better represent the multilingual and international realities of technical communication.

AuthorsCategoriesLanguagesPublishersTag CloudYears
Afrikaans (7)
Arabic (5)
Bosnian-Croatian (2)
Bulgarian (5)
Chinese (36)
Czech (1)
Dansk (Danish) (17)
Deutsch (German) (75)
Español (Spanish) (95)
Farsi (2)
Français (French) (46)
Greek (5)
Hebrew (2)
Italiano (Italian) (31)
Italiano (Italian) (35)
Japanese (39)
Korean (5)
Niederlandistik (Dutch) (23)
Nynorsk (Norwegian) (2)
Polski (Polish) (5)
Português (Portuguese) (8)
Russian (20)
Suomi (Finnish) (5)
Svenska (Swedish) (6)
Turkish (3)
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