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Are AVCHD Camcorders the Next HD Lie?

When I first read about the AVCHD format with its use of MPEG4-AVC (H.264) video compression at a maximum of 24 mbps versus HDV which uses the older MPEG-2 format at 25 mbps, I was very excited about the new format. My enthusiasm dampened when I read the fine print that actual AVCHD implementation only uses 13 to 17 mbps MPEG4-AVC for compatibility with cheaper storage devices. Take a look at the screenshots below and it pains me to see how much detail is lost in the newer HD format.

Ou, George. ZDNet (2008). Articles>Multimedia>Video>Standards


Business Communications and Meetings to Become Steady Stream of Enterprise 2.0 Content?

Cisco's $3.2 billion intended acquisition of WebEx has me thinking of what Charles Giancarlo, Cisco's chief development officer, calls "this next wave of business communications." What do you suppose he means?

Gardner, Dana. ZDNet (2007). Articles>Business Communication>Content Management


Enterprise 2.0: What a Crock

Like it or not, large enterprises - the big name brands - have to work in structures and hierarchies that most E2.0 mavens ridicule but can’t come up with alternatives that make any sort of corporate sense. Therein lies the Big Lie. Enterprise 2.0 pre-supposes that you can upend hierarchies for the benefit of all. Yet none of that thinking has a credible use case you can generalize back to business types - except: knowledge based businesses such as legal, accounting, architects etc.

Howlett, Dennis. ZDNet (2010). Articles>Web Design>Content Management


Multilingual Knowledge Management Empowers Global eBusiness   (members only)

With the penetration of Internet technologies into global business operations, employees at every level are collaborating across multiple geographies.

Sargent, Benjamin B. ZDNet (2001). Articles>Knowledge Management>Collaboration>Online


Optimize Your Site's Usability

A specter is haunting the world of business: The specter of customer empowerment. Users rule the Internet and vote with millions of mouse-clicks every day. Users go where they are well treated, so customer-centered Web sites that are easy to use and pleasant to visit get the credit card numbers. Sites that are difficult to use or take forever to download suffer the death penalty. This simple fact is the reason usability has become a core competency for business survival in the network economy.

Nielsen, Jakob. ZDNet (1998). Design>Web Design>Usability


The Social Why of Project Failures

Project failures are a part of the IT landscape to the point I am surprised that people have not become bored with the topic. Maybe they have and just see it as an integral part of the rich fabric that is the fashionista driven world of IT. Why do we, as an industry and as IT consumers, keep doing this? Why do projects keep getting muffed? Why is there so little celebration of success?

Howlett, Dennis. ZDNet (2010). Articles>Project Management>Technology


What Makes Microsoft's SharePoint Tick?

SharePoint is unsung because it’s a complex and ambitious product. It’s not just a content management system or an enterprise social-networking product, or an intranet search system. It’s six different servers bundled into a single back-end for Microsoft Office.

Foley, Mary Jo. ZDNet (2009). Articles>Content Management>Software>Microsoft SharePoint


Why Open Source Documentation Lags

Despite the best efforts at FLOSS Manuals open source documentation still lags. What they have is pretty good. Their directions on using OpenOffice.org are excellent, as far as they go. But there is not a lot of depth. And only a small number of high-profile programs are covered at all, like Firefox and The Gimp.

Blankenhorn, Dana. ZDNet (2010). Articles>Documentation>Technical Writing>Open Source


Will Macromedia's Flash Plans Cripple the Web?

Macromedia's Flash-everywhere approach brings new innovations to Web design but carries hidden potential liabilities that could negate its benefits.

Becker, David. ZDNet (1997). Articles>Web Design>Software>Flash


XML在用户界面(User Interface)中的应用


ZDNet (2002). (Chinese) Design>User Interface>XML

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