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This is the American Copy Editors Society site for job postings of interest to copy editors or others in journalism and other editing careers.

Yahoo. Careers>Job Listings>Editing


Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site

The Yahoo Exceptional Performance team has identified a number of best practices for making web pages fast. The list includes 34 best practices divided into 7 categories.

Yahoo (2008). Articles>Web Design>Quality>Assessment


Careers in Communications

This is an open forum to discuss Communications related employment opportunities from Advertising to Technical Writing. Employers may feel free to notify the club of any employment opportunities they may have that are related to Communication careers.

Yahoo. Resources>Mailing Lists>Communication


Careers in Science Writing   (peer-reviewed)

There are a number of careers in which people with a science background write as a major part of their job. What may spring to mind first when you hear the term 'science writer' is a reporter covering science topics for a newspaper, but writing careers for scientists are very diverse and include not only traditional science journalism, but medical writing, technical writing/editing, marketing, and science textbook publishing (and the list is by no means complete!). There is definitely overlap among the four areas listed below.

Yahoo (1995). Careers>Scientific Communication



The Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is an XML-based, end-to-end architecture for authoring, producing, and delivering technical information. This architecture consists of a set of design principles for creating 'information-typed' modules at a topic level and for using that content in delivery modes such as online help, books, and Web sites.

Yahoo. Resources>Mailing Lists>XML>DITA


Dreamweaver Depot

This is a mailing list for users of the Dreamweaver Depot website; it will list upcoming events, changes to the website, as well as another forum for general Macromedia Dreamweaver questions.

Yahoo. Resources>Mailing Lists>Software>Dreamweaver


Five High-Paying, Low-Stress Jobs

The article lists technical writers among the top 5 high paying, low-stress jobs. (Technical writer is listed as number five.)

Bell, Amy. Yahoo (2010). Careers>Writing>Technical Writing


FrameScript Users

A group for users of 'FrameScript' software.

Yahoo. Resources>Mailing Lists>Software>Adobe FrameMaker


From the Mouth of a Screenreader

Talks about the history of screen reading software and how they analyse what is displayed on the screen in order to speak it to the user.

Geoffray, Doug. Yahoo (2007). Articles>Web Design>Accessibility>Video


Help Authoring Tools and Techniques Mailing List

A mailing list for help authors to discuss tools and techniques.

Yahoo. Resources>Mailing Lists


Image Optimization Part 1: The Importance of Images

On average, 46.6% of the page weight for these popular sites consists of images, included either inline with tags or via CSS stylesheets. This is a massive percentage and it tells us one thing: There’s huge potential to improve the performance of websites if we can improve the way we handle the image payload. By focusing on images you can make a difference and delight your site visitors with a faster and more pleasant experience.

Stefanov, Stoyan. Yahoo (2008). Articles>Web Design>Graphic Design>Compression



The InfoGraphics mailing list is a forum for anybody who is interested in the design of diagrams, maps and charts.

Yahoo. Resources>Mailing Lists>Technical Illustration>Charts and Graphs


Introduction to Screen Magnifiers

Karo Caran and Victor Tsaran show how the screen magnifier ZoomText is used to make the computer desktop and web sites readable to people with reduced vision.

Caran, Karo and Victor Tsaran. Yahoo (2007). Articles>Web Design>Accessibility>Universal Usability


Introduction to Screen Readers

Begins by showing us the core functionality of screen readers and how they interact with the desktop. In the second part it demonstrates how a blind user may use them to explore and understand web sites, how sites are “linearized”, and how using semantic markup to build sites supports accessible navigation and usability.

Tsaran, Victor. Yahoo (2007). Articles>Web Design>Accessibility>Universal Usability


KM-Forum: An Initiative from India

KM-Forum: an initiative from India for global knowledge management professionals. A discussion group on KM related topics for global KM Professionals.

Bhojaraju G. Yahoo (2005). Resources>Mailing Lists>Knowledge Management>International


MITWA: Mentors, Indexers, Tech Writers and Associates

Whether you are an aspiring technical writer, or just starting out, or have been in the technical writing game for a while, we are here to give you the support and encouragement you may need from time-to-time.

Yahoo. Resources>Writing>Technical Writing>Community


Montréal Technical Writers Forum

This list is a place where we can discuss issues relating to the technical writing profession and everything else in between! While the membership might weigh heavily with Montreal/Quebec based writers, anyone can join in on the discussion, regardless of where they are from!

Yahoo. Organizations>Writing>Regional>Canada


The Most Annoying, Overused Words in the Workplace   (members only)

"Leverage," "interface," and "circle back" are among the most annoying and overused terms in work settings today, according to a new survey of executives.

Musbach, Tom. Yahoo (2009). Articles>Language>Workplace>Rhetoric


MSHelp2 Help Group

A forum for discussing online help related issues.

Yahoo. Resources>Mailing Lists>Help


Northern Colorado Technical Writers Group

NCTWG is a resource for Technical Writers in northern Colorado. Membership is open to all technical writers. STC membership is not required. Meetings are held monthly and begin with an hour of socializing and networking, followed by a guest lecture or round-table discussion.

Yahoo. Resources>Mailing Lists>Regional>Colorado


Rhetorical Theory Discussion Group

Open to teachers, students, practitioners, or the idly curious. Discussion of both pure theory and practical applications of theory are welcome. Topics include (but are not limited to): Technical communication, The Sophists, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle , Cicero, Quintilian, Augustine, Boethius, Christine de Pisan, Laura Cereta, Desiderius Erasmus, Peter Ramus, Francis Bacon, John Locke, George Campbell, Friedrich Nietzsche, Mikhail Bakhtin, I. A. Richards, Ernst Cassirer, Kenneth Burke, Richard Weaver, Chaim Perelman, Stephen Toulmin, Michel Foucalt, Jacques Derrida, Helene Cixous, Julia Kristeva, Kenneth A. Bruffee, Rachel Spilka, Thomas Kuhn, Carolyn Miller, Jakob Nielsen, Edward R. Tufte, Langdon Winner.

Yahoo. Resources>Mailing Lists>Theory>Rhetoric



Doel van deze lijst. Het met elkaar in contact brengen van technisch schrijvers in Nederland. Het uitwisselen van informatie en ervaring. Het beroep van technisch schrijver onder de aandacht brengen van een breed publiek.

Yahoo. (Dutch) Resources>Mailing Lists


Single-Sourcing Management List   (members only)

Singlesourcing-mgmt is a moderated mailing list for those interested in the management of single sourcing and related topics. Although some technical chatter is inevitable due to the nature of the material, the intent is that highly technical topics will be discussed in other forums such as DocBook lists. Among the many topics that are encouraged on SingleSourcing-Mgmt: Developing a Single Sourcing Strategy Business case development Vendor and Tool Evaluation Information Modeling Developing and Implementing Content Management Solutions Defining Requirements for Single Sourcing Systems Business Process Management and Workflow Establishing and Staffing Single Sourcing Departments In addition to the mailing list, SingleSourcing-Mgmt offers: Moderated Chats on topics related to Single Sourcing Management; Links to vendors, books, and member websites and websites related to group topics; A file repository where members can post files for other members; Databases of frequently asked questions for those new to Single Sourcing, Vendor Databases and more; An event Calendar with events related to single sourcing both on and offline.

Yahoo (2002). Resources>Mailing Lists>Content Management>Business Case


Technical Communication: Multimedia

These are links for some of the training tools and tutorials online for software used by technical writers and trainers like Flash, Dreamweaver, Framemaker, and others.

Cadieux, Michelle. Yahoo. Resources>Multimedia>Software


Technical Writers India   (members only)

The main aim of this group is to interact with all the technical writers working in India. This is a forum to support for the cause of writing for different mediums and exploring various genres of writing.

Prabhakar, Rahul. Yahoo (2004). Resources>Mailing Lists>Technical Writing>Usability



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