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Coloring Your Scrollbars with CSS

You really can color your scrollbars and have a change of scenery from the basic gray or other browser default. It just takes a few snippets of CSS markup, which you'll learn how to do in this tutorial.

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Converting Existing Content to CSS

Thinking about converting an existing Web page or an entire Web site from FONT tags to using CSS (cascading style sheets)? This first tutorial of a new series will guide you through the very basics to help get you started.

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Directory Submissions: Understanding DMOZ and Yahoo!

Directory submissions, unlike search engine submissions, are reviewed by human beings and undergo a great deal of scrutiny by the editors reviewing them. It is important that your website is submitted correctly in order to obtain the listings you need.

Pass, Leann. Website Tips (2003). Design>Web Design>Search>Search Engine Optimization


Fast and Easy XHTML

Wondering how to turn your HTML markup into XHTML? Here are a few quick tips to teach you the very basics, a sample XHTML document, and resources for more information.

Kaiser, Shirley E. Website Tips (2001). Design>Web Design>HTML>XHTML


How to Get Links Without Asking

Sending out link requests is a time-consuming business. So wouldn't it be wonderful if other sites linked to you without being asked? Sound impossible? Well, it can be done and here are ten strategies to prove it. Why not start 2006 by making sure you use them?

McGaffin, Ken. Website Tips (2006). Design>Web Design>Hypertext>Search Engine Optimization


Some Basic HTML Tags and How To Use Them

The HTML 4.01 markup chart and examples below represent some of the typical markup that I review with clients who wish to change and update text themselves on their Web sites. Learning a few basic markup tags makes this a very simple process.

Kaiser, Shirley E. Website Tips (2001). Design>Web Design>HTML


To Frame or Not to Frame? That is the Question

The question of whether or not to use frames within a Web site's design can be a hot topic of debate. Many people don't like framed Web sites because they 'get stuck in someone's frames,' they can't bookmark a particular page within a framed Web site, the search engines don't list their Web sites, and some browsers can't read framed Web sites at all. Clearly these are legitimate problems. This article's intent is to help clarify some of the advantages and disadvantages of using frames and provide resources for further information.

Kaiser, Shirley E. Website Tips (1999). Design>Web Design>HTML


Website Tips

The goal of WebsiteTips.com is to help people locate high quality online resources on Web site design topics, such as Web site design and development, running a Web site design business, and owning and managing a Web site.

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