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Are You Repelling As Many Clients As You Should?

When you think about growing a business, you think about how to attract customers. You might build a web site, create marketing materials, and look for ways to get your message to the masses, but have you ever considered ways to repel clients? Separating the wheat from the chaff is a big part of creating a successful business.

Riviere, Amber Singleton. Web Worker Daily (2009). Articles>Business Communication>Marketing


Be Willing to Put Yourself Out There

It’s nerve-racking, spine-numbing and absolutely intimidating to get out there and tell the world about yourself and your business, but at some point, you have to ask yourself just how serious you are and how willing you are to let go of your fears and inhibitions and just do it.

Riviere, Amber Singleton. Web Worker Daily (2010). Careers>Web Design>Marketing


Can You Be a Web Worker From a Small Town?

Part of the promise of working independently is to able to live and work where ever you choose. Getting away from the big city sounds great, but can you really work remotely from a small town? Can the technology support it?

McCray, Becky. Web Worker Daily (2008). Careers>Telecommuting>Online


The Co-Working Revolution: Your Office Away From Home

I’ve been fascinated by businesses popping up around major metropolitan areas that create a shared workspace for independent workers. Imran Ali wrote about the trend of co-working spaces back in April, and I’ll be exploring the trend further as I look to set up a co-working space in my town.

Sherman, Aliza. Web Worker Daily (2008). Careers>Workplace>Collaboration>Coworking


Coworking Evolved

It’s interesting to see coworking snowballing as a phenomenon, but like many trends originating in dotcom culture, what’ll be most interesting is how these shifts begin to affect larger companies and more traditional employers.

Ali, Imran. Web Worker Daily (2008). Careers>Workplace>Collaboration>Coworking


Coworking in Africa, San Francisco and Bath

A look at the underlying value structure of coworking communities, how they’re evolving in different countries, and the issues existing coworking communities face as they outgrow the space available.

Ali, Imran. Web Worker Daily (2009). Careers>Workplace>Coworking>Case Studies


Coworking or Noworking?

An exploration of the downsides to telecommuting and coworking, focusing on the experiences of a coworking community founder.

Ali, Imran. Web Worker Daily (2008). Careers>Workplace>Coworking


Coworking, Childcare, Cubes

An interesting discussion on the potential of providing childcare facilities to coworkers – with the coworkers themselves dedicating a portion of their time to caring for the children of other community members.

Ali, Imran. Web Worker Daily (2008). Careers>Workplace>Coworking>Children


Create Effective Project Milestone Sheets

The project milestone sheet is an incredibly important document for freelancers and their clients. It defines all the most important tasks, who is assigned to them, and when they are due. In other words, it serves as the map for your entire work process.

Roque, Celine. Web Worker Daily (2009). Articles>Project Management>Planning>Methods


Creative Classes, Civic Regeneration and Coworking

This post speculates on the potential to revitalize decaying and vacant urban centers with new creative areas, by replacing discount stores, vacant properties and unused public libraries with coworking facilities.

Ali, Imran. Web Worker Daily (2008). Careers>Workplace>Coworking


Design Patterns for Coworking

Recently a member of the global coworking mailing list, Joseph Holsten) recently created what’s essentially a recipe book of ‘how to’ guides for those seeking to setup a coworking community, coworking space or simply better operate the communities and spaces they’re already running.

Ali, Imran. Web Worker Daily (2008). Careers>Workplace>Collaboration>Coworking


Doing Super-sets: Applying Workout Logic to Web Work

Dedicated gym-goers use some tried and tested methods to make their workouts more efficient and effective. As usual, what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander, and a lot of these same strategies can apply quite well to professional workflows, too. What is work, after all, besides a prolonged workout of your professional muscles?

Etherington, Darrell. Web Worker Daily (2010). Careers>Web Design>Advice>Workflow


Draw the Line: When and How to Stop Giving Away Professional Advice

People are unabashed about asking for web advice and help related to blogs, social media, networking and other web work because they don’t regard it as a specialized service the way they do with medical and legal expertise. I’m not saying giving away freebies is always a definite no-no, but I do think that as web workers we need to start reinforcing the value of our work by drawing a line between friendly advice and working for free. Here’s how I’m trying to create that demarcation.

Etherington, Darrell. Web Worker Daily (2009). Careers>Consulting>Advice


Five Keys to a Successful Remote Writing Project

I’ve been on my fair share of remote writing projects, including technical writing, contributing to books and writing for publications. Working on such projects and hearing from clients and colleagues about successful (and less so) remote writing projects, I’ve come to see that actions of both the writer and the client can influence the outcomes.

Kelly, William T. Web Worker Daily (2010). Articles>Writing>Telecommuting


Google Wave: What’s It For?

I recently wrapped up my first project with a client where we used Google Wave for document collaboration and wrote about the lessons I learned along the way. In this post I am going to look forward to some of the tasks that I see Wave being used for.

Kelly, William T. Web Worker Daily (2010). Articles>Collaboration>Social Networking>Online


How to Get Lightning to Strike Twice

Suggests techniques to help recognize things that you see recurring over and over again whenever you have your best ideas. Basically, you’ll have reverse-engineered your inspiration process, and you’ll have an informed and complete view of how and why you work.

Etherington, Darrell. Web Worker Daily (2009). Articles>Web Design>Advice


Implementing a Successful Corporate Microblogging Strategy

It can be very difficult to get an organization to accept corporate microblogging as a means of facilitating closer collaboration. However, while I am the first to say that changing an organization’s communications model can be a challenge, it’s not impossible. You and your team might be looking to a corporate microblogging platform to resolve some sort of communications issue. In this post we are going to take a look at how you can implement corporate microblogging for maximum benefit.

Kelly, William T. Web Worker Daily (2009). Articles>Business Communication>Social Networking>Blogging


The Perils of Our Digital Communications

When 90% of what you do for work is based online, there are bound to be some glitches, and not just the technical ones. How do you handle the inevitable misunderstandings that come with today’s rapid-fire digital conversations and communications in the workplace? I’ve put together a few ideas for how we can all minimize misunderstandings or at least diffuse the fallout.

Sherman, Aliza. Web Worker Daily (2008). Articles>Business Communication>Collaboration>Online


Reestablish Contact With Your Long Lost Clients

I began to wonder: what had happened to those past clients I’d loved so much? For various reasons, I’d lost touch with some of these guys, but now, in the search for work, getting back in touch with them seemed like a sterling idea.

Laidlaw, Georgina. Web Worker Daily (2009). Careers>Freelance>Advice


Taking Content Strategy Personally

If you don’t have a professional blog or web site, you may think that you don’t need to worry about content strategy. Think again. Celine gave some great advice in her article “How to Develop a Content Strategy for Your Professional Blog,” but these days our blogs and web sites aren’t the only windows to our professional souls. If you use social media platforms for professional purposes, you should consider having a content strategy for the material you publish on them as well.

Poole, Pamela. Web Worker Daily (2009). Articles>Content Management>Content Strategy>Social Networking


Ten Ways to Get Paid What You Deserve

Setting boundaries on just how much “free” you are going to give away is not always easy, especially when you are asked outright for free advice on how to design a web site, solve a software snafu or cope with a computer crash. To get around the dilemma, here are ten phrases for turning “at no charge” into cash.

Leland, Karen. Web Worker Daily (2009). Careers>Freelance>Pricing>Estimating


Tips and Tricks: Making the Most of Google Docs

I’ve been using Google Docs for a couple of years now, for both professional and personal tasks. To be honest, I was hesitant to try it at first. After all, what does Google Docs have that other, more feature-rich office suites don’t have? But I have to say that its trademark simplicity has won me over. That simplicity doesn’t mean that it’s limited in functionality, though. Let’s take a closer look to find out what else we can do with this seemingly lightweight tool.

Roque, Celine. Web Worker Daily (2010). Articles>Content Management>Software>Word Processing


The Two-Edged Sword of Web 2.0

As web workers, most of us are steeped in Web 2.0 throughout our working day (never mind that we can’t agree on what “Web 2.0″ means). Many of us have embraced online applications from Google, Yahoo, and elsewhere to do the bulk of our work, and we rely on a mishmash of social media sites to stay in touch with our peers and build our extended networks. But this connectivity comes at a cost: the internet is filled with bright, shiny distractions.

Gunderloy, Mike. Web Worker Daily (2007). Articles>Business Communication>Social Networking

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