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Virtual Assistant Demo Girl

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The Harsh Truth about Screencasts

If you watch screencasts, you probably have seen some that are just worthless. How long did you stay to watch? Not long, I am sure. Why am I being so critical? Because it is true.

Schoen, Michelle. Virtual Assistant Demo Girl (2009). Articles>Documentation>Video>Screencasting


Screencasting for a Living? Yes You Can

For about Five years I worked for AT&T as a full time Instructional Designer and my worked involved the creation of training videos for the employees at AT&T. I loved it. It was creative, challenging and not stressful at all.

Schoen, Michelle. Virtual Assistant Demo Girl (2009). Careers>Documentation>Video>Screen Captures


Webinars, Tele-events, Live Podcasts and Web TV Shows are HOT

Have you noticed? There is currently a significant increase in the number of participants attending virtual events such as webinars, tele-events, live podcasts and web TV shows.

Schoen, Michelle. Virtual Assistant Demo Girl (2009). Articles>Multimedia>Video>Podcasting

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