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Developing Non-Software Related Training with Captivate   (PDF)

Captivate was created as a demo tool. It has evolved into a powerful tool for creating eLearning content. The subject of the training does not have to be a software product.

Houser, Rob. User Assistance Group (2007). Presentations>Multimedia>Instructional Design>Adobe Captivate


How Will Vista's Online Help Affect the Future of Documentation?    (PDF)

Microsoft has set some new standards, but they didn’t make it easy to implement them. You can do everything Microsoft did with the possible exception of having the system take action for the user.

Houser, Rob. User Assistance Group (2007). Presentations>Documentation>Help>Online


Moving the UA into the UI: Best Practices for User Assistance   (PDF)

User assistance is any kind of guidance, explanation, or training that is available to users at the point of need to ensure a successful user experience.

Houser, Rob. User Assistance Group (2008). Presentations>Documentation>User Interface

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