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Case Studies in Instructional Technology and Design

Multimedia cases allow novices and experts to explore issues and practice in instructional design. During the course of study in instructional design, often only a few design projects can be completed. Case studies serve as a valuable supplement, providing students with opportunities to experience and respond to complex practice issues in a variety of professional settings. In the process, students reflect on relevant theories and techniques as they attempt to understand a real problem, develop a response, and consider the potential consequences. Once each year, we sponsor a case event, and invite universities across the country to advance a team. Teams analyze the case, while experts pose probling questions, evaluate case responses, and contribute their own perspectives on the cases.

University of Virginia. Academic>Course Materials>Instructional Design>Multimedia


A Systematic Approach to Creating and Maintaining Software Documentation   (PDF)

Problems with the current paradigm. - Difficult to write and hard to use. - Inconsistent between project revisions. - No assurance that effort will pay off for end users. - Not designed to provide high quality responses to queries.

Powell, Allison L., James C. French, John C. Knight. University of Virginia (1996). Presentations>Documentation>Software


Using Regular Expressions

Regular expressions figure into all kinds of text-manipulation tasks. Searching and search-and-replace are among the more common uses, but regular expressions can also be used to test for certain conditions in a text file or data stream. You might use regular expressions, for example, as the basis for a short program that separates incoming mail from incoming spam.

Ramsay, Stephen. University of Virginia (2007). Articles>Editing>Programming>Regular Expressions

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