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Achieving Designer–Developer Collaboration and XAML

Collaboration between designers and developers is always great topic to write about. I believe that for the first time that kind of collaboration is possible to full extent and it is possible today. Key element for enabling this is XAML – eXtensible Application Markup Language aka Holy Grail of designer – developer collaboration.

UX Passion (2009). Articles>Web Design>Collaboration>XML


Design Pricing: It's Never Just About the Price

Setting proper pricing for your UX design work is crucial. It goes hand in hand with setting your customer’s expectations. Set the price too low and you will gain reputation of the same kind. Set it high – you will also set high expectations. If you can deliver on them – then keep it that way. Reason: it’s never just about the price.

UX Passion (2009). Articles>User Experience>Pricing>Project Management


Design Trends for 2010: Web Development Trends for 2010

Trends appear and disappear. Here are some of web development trends that will dominate during the 2010. I’m covering 5 trends regarding the web development. From real-time web and collaboration to geo-tagging and RIA frameworks… See what is new and coming in 2010 and stay ahead of the curve!

UX Passion (2010). Articles>Web Design>Planning


Principle of Least Astonishment

These days I’ve stumbled upon something called Principle of least astonishment (surprise) and it caught my attention. I guess you can already derive some meaning from the name of the Principle of itself – but let’s see what PLA actually is.

UX Passion (2008). Articles>User Experience


Top 10 UX Recommendations for Silverlight Command Link usage

After I’ve explained how to build and design custom control – Command Link for Silverlight, I’m now sharing some best UX practices and guidelines regarding the implementation of the Command Link control. Here is the list of best UX practices for design, implementation and usage of Command Link control for Silverlight.

UX Passion (2010). Articles>Multimedia>User Experience>Silverlight

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