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Behringer Multitrack Audio Mixer

Introduces how to perform multimedia audio mixing and editing using a Behringer multitrack mixer.

Pratt, Andrew and Dave Long. Studio for New Media (2004). Articles>Documentation>Multimedia>Audio


Canon Elura 50

Information about how to use the Canon Elura 50 camcorders for technical communication multimedia.

Arnold, Jenni and Christina Kitson. Studio for New Media (2004). Presentations>Multimedia>Documentation>Video


Canon GL2 Digital Camcorder

Introduces developing multimedia using the 'prosumer' Canon GL2 digital camcorder.

Knox, Jessica and Maja Grgurovic. Studio for New Media (2006). Articles>Multimedia>Video


CD/DVD Duplication Tower

Introduces how to use a CD/DVD duplication tower to make a few copies of your CD, CD-ROM, DVD-video and DVD-ROM multimedia.

Johnson, Rachel and Codi Prachar. Studio for New Media (2006). Presentations>Multimedia>CD ROM


ChromaKey Video Effects

Introduces producing video special effects, using ChromaKey technologies and Apple's Final Cut Pro.

Stanerson, Nick and Nick Boesel. Studio for New Media (2004). Presentations>Multimedia>Video>Final Cut Pro


Final Cut Professional

An introduction to using Final Cut Professional 4.0 for multimedia video production.

Eisenbraun, Michael and Amanda Metz Bemer. Studio for New Media (2004). Presentations>Multimedia>Video>Final Cut Pro


Magic iMovie

Introduces how to use iMovie 5's 'Magic iMovie' feature to capture video from camcorder and record to DVD.

Jennings, Stephanie and Jennifer Phillips. Studio for New Media (2006). Articles>Multimedia>Software>Video


The Mysteries of Light

Introduces lighting digital video, particularly when using the OmniPro Lighting Kit.

Bergeland, Erik and Paul Friemel. Studio for New Media (2004). Articles>Documentation>Multimedia


Sennheiser Wireless Lavalier Microphones

Discusses how to use Sennheiser EW112P(A) Wireless Lavalier Microphones to ensure high-quality audio in video multimedia projects.

Tesdell, Ramsey and Zach Paskiet. Studio for New Media (2004). Articles>Documentation>Multimedia>Audio


Sony HDV HC1 High-Definition Camcorder

Introduces the high-definition Sony HDV-HC1 digital camcorder for technical/professional communication practice.

Karlin, Erin and Amy Tehan. Studio for New Media (2006). Articles>Document Design>Video>High Definition


Studio for New Media

The Studio for New Media is an interdisciplinary research institute organized to support, further, and coordinate work with digital media.

Studio for New Media. Organizations>Web Design>Multimedia>Iowa

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