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Anxiety and Public Speaking: What You Ought to Know

You think that you sound terrible but people who don’t know you don’t know that that’s not your normal voice. People who know you well may be able to perceive a slight difference. This is not to say that an audience doesn’t perceive anxiety at all – just that what they perceive is at a much lesser scale than you. The best way to convince yourself of this is to video yourself and then watch yourself.

Mitchell, Olivia. Speaking About Presenting (2010). Articles>Presentations>Rhetoric


Eight Things I Learnt About Using Twitter as a Participation Tool: Speaking About Presenting

I presented a session remotely at the Presentation Camp at Stanford University, California. My session was on “How to engage your audience with Twitter” and I tried to do exactly that during my presentation. Here’s what I learnt from my experience.

Mitchell, Olivia. Speaking About Presenting (2009). Articles>Presentations>Community Building>Social Networking


How to Recover from a Presentation Disaster

Getting no feedback from your audience is hard. There are two parts to recovering from an experience like this. The first is to examine your thinking around the ‘disaster’. The second is to take active steps to recover from it.

Mitchell, Olivia. Speaking About Presenting (2010). Articles>Presentations>Rhetoric


How to Use Your Fear of Public Speaking to be a Better Speaker

I still get nervous when I have to present in unfamiliar situations. I’m very used to presenting to small groups of people on a course. That’s my comfort zone. But take me outside of that familiar situation, and I’ll get nervous. If I were to get upset about being nervous, I would make it worse. I don’t fight my nerves, I use them. Here are three specific ways in which you can use your fear of public speaking to make you a better public speaker and presenter.

Mitchell, Olivia. Speaking about Presenting (2009). Articles>Presentations


New Research Shows That Speaking Can Enhance Your Career

People perceive someone who speaks up as a competent leader - regardless of whether they actually are competent. That’s the finding of a fascinating research study that has just been reported online at Time.

Mitchell, Olivia. Speaking About Presenting (2009). Articles>Presentations>Rhetoric

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