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Best Practices for Facebook Fan Pages: User Types

The average Facebook user doesn’t want content pushed to them, particularly contests or other promotional programs that don’t speak to their overall enthusiasm for a brand. These types of promotions can be supported on the Facebook Fan Page, but should not be the primary focus and should be housed in other digital arenas. Successful communities on Facebook offer an attitude of openness, transparency and enthusiasm - not a technology platform for advertising.

Douma, Collin. Social Media Today (2008). Articles>Business Communication>Marketing>Social Networking


¿Estar o no Estar en Medios Sociales?

Aviso para navegantes: las relaciones con los consumidores han cambiado por completo. Y si aún no se había percatado, puede que se deba porque ha sucedido en tan sólo unos meses!

Grau, Francesc. Social Media Today (2009). (Spanish) Articles>Web Design>Social Networking


Is More Less? Or is Less More? The Quality vs Quantity Debate

Is it better to have 500,000 followers on Twitter? Or is it better to have 100 followers who are engaged and targeted? Is it better to have a website with 5000 pages of content, or a website with 50 pages of well thought out, valuable material? I am not trying to dictate an answer by using value terms in my questions, despite the fact that I am very much of the opinion that less is more and quality trumps quantity, but recent events are arising which may be proving me wrong.

Williams, Nancy. Social Media Today (2009). Articles>Web Design>Social Networking>Marketing


It's the Trough of Disillusionment and So Much More

Everyone got pretty excited about social tools ability to spread information and the adoption rate by individuals has been phenomenal. So all you have to do is listen to the conversation and jump in, right? That works quite well as an individual or even a small company.... but it doesn't take much size before an organization gets wrapped up in their own operations and drama, used to the way things are, and pretty rigid when it comes to change. And what I think many people have not gotten is the magnitude of the change we need in organizations to take advantage of the new information environment - this is not just about a software category - it's about the fundamental nature of information exchange and relationships.

Happe, Rachel. Social Media Today (2009). Articles>Web Design>Social Networking


Manifesto For The Content Curator: The Next Big Social Media Job Of The Future?

A Content Curator is someone who continually finds, groups, organizes and shares the best and most relevant content on a specific issue online. The most important component of this job is the word "continually." In the real time world of the Internet, this is critical. In an attempt to offer more of a vision for someone who might fill this role, here is my crack at a short manifesto for someone who might take on this job.

Bhargava, Rohit. Social Media Today (2009). Articles>Content Management>Content Strategy>Information Design


Rolling Out a Social Media Strategy

So you have you’re social media strategy, now what? If you’re like most organizations then you can’t roll out a social media campaign in a day, or even in a few weeks. So how do you go about rolling out a social media strategy? My recommendation would be to proceed in phases. What I’m outlining below is a very high level approach to rolling a social media strategy.

Morgan, Jacob. Social Media Today (2009). Articles>Web Design>Social Networking>Planning


Social Media Accounts for 18% of Information Search Market

Google is no longer the only hub for content discovery. The statusphere is introducing new channels that now serve as our attention dashboards and it's the collection of streams of consciousness from those we choose to follow. Collecta, Twitter Search, Facebook News Feeds, FriendFeed, etc., serve as the gateways to insight and enlightenment.

Solis, Brian. Social Media Today (2009). Articles>Web Design>Search>Social Networking


Why People Twitter - In One Word

The other day I sat down to write something about Twitter. I struggled with my thoughts, threw some words down, and came up with a question: 'Why are you twittering?' The responses were significant. The most popular reasons I received: People and Information.

Harres, Victoria. Social Media Today (2009). Articles>Collaboration>Social Networking

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