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Another Usability Tool: Marketing   (PDF)

Discusses how working closely with marketing can improve usability.

Swartz, Andrew. Serco (2005). Articles>Usability>Collaboration>Marketing


Guidelines on the Common Features of Mobile Phone Interfaces   (PDF)

An ever increasing range of mobile phones are appearing on the market, each with their own features, designs and interfaces. Our extensive experience of working with a wide range of phones suggests that, despite their many differences, there are some user interface requirements common to all mobile phones. These requirements are presented as guidelines below.

Stockbridge, Lucy and Azia Mughal. Serco (2007). Articles>Human Computer Interaction>Mobile>User Interface


Noddys Guide to Usability Testing and Gaming   (PDF)

Discusses how usability testing can be useful at all stages of games development.

Weedon, Ben. Serco (2007). Articles>Usability>Testing>Games


User Challenges in the Connected Home   (PDF)

A discussion of the major user-related issues that may present a barrier to the development of the connected home.

Stockbridge, Lucy and Azia Mughal. Serco (2006). Articles>Usability>Ubiquitous Computing

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