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A Distiller Primer

Can somebody explain what the process of distilling is -- in simple terms?

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Five Reasons to Stream

Many organizations are hesitant to deploy streaming media on their sites due to the fact they don’t want to deal with the performance or support issues that may crop up. But those downsides need to be weighed against the true business benefits that accrue from streaming media deployments. In a recent primer, Adobe offered these top five business benefits of streaming media.

Cummings, Joanne. Publish (2004). Design>Web Design>Streaming>Multimedia


Five Usability Principles for Web Design

Guidelines to keep in mind when designing a site.

Benun, Ilise. Publish (2004). Design>Web Design>Usability


Keyword Selection Tools

The keyword selection process is not a short task. It takes an intimate knowledge of your market. In fact, choosing the right or wrong keywords could be the difference between your site being found by the search engines or remaining forever in search engine oblivion.

Reyen, Melissa. Publish (2004). Design>Web Design>Metadata>Search

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