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Infrastructure for Academic Podcasting

Podcasting involves three activities: capturing content, producing it, and distributing it. Tim Poe and Ben Rogers from the Office of Information Technology at Duke University's Multimedia group talk about the technology initiatives undertaken, and make their audience aware of the plethora of tools available to perform these activities easily.

Poe, Tim and Ben Rogers. Podcast Academy (2006). Articles>Multimedia>Streaming>Podcasting


Killer Interviewing Tactics: Get The Most from Your Guests

Covers the basics of good interviewing technique: making sure the show is not about you but about your guest; listening to the answers you get; sticking to a script; and, above all, preparation, preparation, preparation.

Murphy, Gayl. Podcast Academy (2006). Articles>Interviewing>Audio>Podcasting


Podcast Metrics: A Panel Discussion

There are a number of approaches to getting meaningful data from podcast usage, each with their own advantages and drawbacks.

Federico, John, Dave van Dyke and Alex Laats. Podcast Academy (2006). Articles>Multimedia>Audio>Podcasting


Producing for the Ear

'Writing for the ear' is an effective way of making content engaging and interesting. Examples of this are audio-based sentence structure, writing around audio clips, making informed word choices and creating a narrative arc for your podcast. Listeners, who are often occupied with other things while listening, need audio and content that transports them to another state of mind. With this in mind, Bond explains techniques and provides examples of how podcasters can anticipate what their audience expects to hear, and how they meet listener expectations while still providing something new.

Bond, Stacy. Podcast Academy (2006). Articles>Multimedia>Audio>Podcasting


The Sheer Audacity: Get More, in Less Time

Gives a few pointers on how to give your podcast a more professional sound in addition to a number of easy-to-follow procedures for more complex functions. Though aimed at the beginner and intermediate Audacity user, anyone who wants to save time by using Audacity will find the tips and tricks useful.

Franklin, Jerry. Podcast Academy (2006). Articles>Documentation>Audio>Podcasts


Solving the Corporate Dilemma

Uses several case studies of corporate podcasting to help illustrate the important points management should consider when deciding how they can best use podcasting. It is often difficult for companies to interest and capture their audience; it is crucial therefore to create compelling--and in some cases exclusive--content.

Geoghegan, Michael. Podcast Academy (2006). Articles>Management>Audio>Podcasting

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