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Agile Works Best in PHP Projects

Agility includes effective, that is, rapid and adaptive, response to change. This requires effective communication among all of the stakeholders. Stakeholders are those who are going to benefit from the project in some form or another. The key stakeholders of the project include the developers and the users. Leaders of the customer organization, as well as the leaders of the software development organizations, are also among the stakeholders.

Abeysinghe, Samisa. Packt (2007). Articles>Web Design>Agile>PHP


Data Pager Control [.NET Framework 3.5] in Visual Studio 2008

When query results exceed the display area then you resort to scrolling and wish you had some way to limit the number of results displayed and comfortable to view without scrolling. Paging functionality which provides an answer to this is therefore a much desired feature. The Data Pager Control in Visual Studio 2008 provides this functionality when you create an ASP.NET web form under .NET Framework 3.5. It can be configured automatically using the GUI, or it can be installed manually after installing the ListView. In this article both of them are described. While the number of items displayed in a list can be declaratively coded, it is possible to set it at page load time as well.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Packt (2008). Articles>Web Design>Databases


Freebies and Downloads in Drupal 6: Part 1

In this article we will explore various ways of adding downloads to your web site to provide free content, or to deliver paid content to users. We will also discuss the automatic conversion of pages to PDF files, which your users can download to read or print.

Noble, Mark. Packt (2009). Articles>Content Management>Software>Drupal


Freebies and Downloads in Drupal 6: Part 2

As you continue to work on your web site, you will find that many users want access to your content, even if they aren't online. With the Printer, email, and PDF module, you can easily and automatically provide content in various formats for offline usage.

Noble, Mark. Packt (2009). Articles>Content Management>Adobe Acrobat>Drupal


Introducing Business Activity Monitoring

Typically, an organization's processes span multiple systems, channels, applications, departments, and external partners. In this case, how do we monitor such processes? What is the current state of the organizational processes? What is the benchmark for poorly-performing processes and exceptional processes? Most of the time, organizations are unable to answer such questions, or only have a vague idea for various reasons. Either they are monitoring the process with a very limited scope, or the mechanisms for monitoring the process are not in place to allow such details to be available. We rarely find organizations with process owners having an end-to-end view of a process. The big picture of a process is not available to the decision makers on a real-time basis.

Juric, Matjaz B. and Kapil Pant. Packt (2008). Articles>Project Management>Assessment>Business Communication


jQuery Embedded in Dojo Accordion Panes

We will experiment embedding jQuery in DOJO 123's Accordion widget and try to identify if there exists any cross-code interactions. The code is also tested for cross-browser suitability.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Packt (2009). Design>Web Design>DHTML>JavaScript


Microsoft SQL Server 2008: Installation Made Easy

The article discusses the precaution thta one can take in installing the Microsoft SQL 2008 Sever (Developer Edition). Links to downloading a sample database with how-to note is also provided. Some of the initial problem solving in cleaning up the .NET miscellanea is discussed in this blog at : http://hodentek.blogspot.com/2008/01/you-were-cleaning-up-net-framework.html

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Packt (2008). Articles>Software>Databases>SQL


Migrating from MS SQL Server 2008 to EnterpriseDB

With many database vendor products in the market and data intensive applications using them, it is often required to port the application to use the data or, migrate the data so that the application can use it. Migration of data is therefore one of the realities of the IT Industry. Some of the author's previous articles on migration can be found at the link.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Packt (2009). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL


Obtaining Alfresco Web Content Management

In this article you looked at a simple application of Alfresco to create a web project and define web forms using XML Schema to allow non-technical users to create content.

Potts, Jeff. Packt (2007). Articles>Content Management>Project Management>Alfresco


Photo Compositing with The GIMP: Part 1

A glimpse on compositing, where we’ll use an existing image or photograph and later add in our 2-dimensional element seamlessly with the said picture in GIMP.

Martinez, Reynante. Packt (2007). Design>Graphic Design>Image Editing>Open Source


Photo Compositing with The GIMP: Part 2

Photographed scenes aren’t actually as clean-looking as they are and as compared to common CGish images. Just to break this cleanliness apart, let’s add in a simple cloud noise to our heart. If that still doesn’t work for you, you could go ahead and paint over some details like cracks, dirt, etc. This is to simulate the wear and tear effect that is always present everywhere we look at.

Martinez, Reynante. Packt (2009). Design>Graphic Design>Image Editing>Open Source


Programmatically Creating SSRS Report in Microsoft SQL Server 2008

The process of programmatically creating the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) tabular report is described. You will be creating a very simple report using the provided code. The approach is to introduce the programming by creating the three parts of a report: connection, dataset, and layout. Excerpt from the book, "Learning SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services.'

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Packt (2009). Articles>Information Design>Databases>Reports


Social Networks and Extending the User Profile in Drupal: Part 1

The term "social network" means different things to different people. However, the starting point of any network is the individuals within it. A user profile provides a place for site members to describe themselves, and for other site members to find out about them. In this article, we will examine how to create a user profile that is aligned with the goals of your site.

Fitzgerald, Bill. Packt (2009). Articles>Content Management>Social Networking>Drupal


Social Networks and Extending the User Profile in Drupal: Part 2

Builds upon Part 1 of this article. The Content Profile module creates a new content type called Profile when it is enabled. By default, this content type is set to be used as a profile. We need to complete a few additional steps to make our profile fully functional.

Fitzgerald, Bill. Packt (2009). Articles>Content Management>Information Design>Drupal


Review: SQL Server Integration Services Using Visual Studio

Beginners Guide to SQL Server Integration Services Using Visual Studio 2005 provides you with the basic knowledge that you should have before you move on to more advanced ETL [Extraction, Transformation, and Loading]. The book will also provide you with a comprehensive description of the many designer windows that you may encounter while working with the designer. This guide provides the building blocks describing each block by way of an example as well as describing the nuts and bolts that bind the blocks. A majority of SSIS tasks are covered in this book and they are described fully in the summary of table contents section. You start building packages right from Chapter 2 and continue on to Chapter 20 gathering and building upon your knowledge in each step.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Packt (2007). Articles>Reviews>Databases>SQL


Text Search, your Database or Solr

The scenario addressed in this article is a typical one. You have got a database-backed web application that you are building, and it needs to have a text-search capability. It is an increasingly common requirement. There are a variety of options and variations at your disposal to implement text search. This article is mostly about two of them, using the text search features in your database versus using Apache Solr – an open-source search platform.

Smiley, David. Packt (2009). Articles>Web Design>Search>Open Source


VB.NET Application with SQL Anywhere 10 Database

This article by Jayaram Krishnswamy shows how you can develop a VB.NET 2.0 application using the integration features provided by the SQL Anywhere database. The SQL Anywhere tools are directly accessible without going out of the Visual Studio 2.O IDE. The article describes a window application with two examples developed with this easy to use integration interface.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Packt (2007). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL


Web CMSes   (PDF)

Web CMSes allow you to manage your web content easily. They are generic in nature and perform a variety of operations. If you ask someone about a CMS, they will most probably recommend you one of the systems we cover in this chapter. It's important to learn the features of the top web CMSes to make the right choice for your project. In this chapter, we will take a look at the top general-purpose Web CMSes.

Mehta, Nirav. Packt (2009). Articles>Web Design>Content Management>Open Source


Windows Presentation Foundation Project - Basics of Working

The tutorial introduces the reader accustomed to working with the traditional graphic user interface in earlier versions of VB to Windows Presentation Foundation. Importantly, it introduces the reader to the XAML's declarative format and what it means in the design interface of VS 2008. WPF can do a great deal more than what is described in this article. The power of markup extensions such as declarative binding, dynamic resource, template binding and many others are not discussed. It is hoped that the reader will be up and running WPF projects based on his previous experience after reading this article.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Packt (2008). Design>Presentations>Information Design>Microsoft Windows


Writing XML data to the File System with SSIS

This article shows how you may retrieve XML data from a relational database and write it to a folder on your file system as a text or xml file using Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services 2008.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Packt (2009). Articles>Web Design>Information Design>XML

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