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Accessible PDFs

How can I generate a Table Header Cell Element (TH) field automatically with Acrobat?

PDFzone (2004). Design>Information Design>Accessibility>Adobe Acrobat


Converting Word Documents with Embedded Files   (PDF)

How can I convert Word documents to PDF and ensure their embedded Excel documents also get converted?

Boulay, J.R. PDFzone (2004). Design>Information Design>Software>Adobe Acrobat


Detecting JBIG2 Compression

How can I tell if JBIG2 compression was used on my PDF file?

Rosenthol, Leonard. PDFzone (2004). Articles>Information Design>Software>Adobe Acrobat


E-mailing and Submitting PDF Forms

What’s the easiest way to e-mail a PDF form and have people fill it out?

Sprague, Rich. PDFzone (2004). Design>Information Design>Forms>Adobe Acrobat


Editing Forms in Acrobat 6   (PDF)

The Form tool as we know has been abandoned. There is now a Field tool which is subdivided into tools for the individual field types.

Wyss, Max. PDFzone (2004). Articles>Information Design>Forms>Adobe Acrobat


How To Make PDFs Compliant With Section 508   (PDF)

First, if you don't produce forms for federal government, it is wasted time, but there is information available. Adobe has the accessibility section on its Web site with useful documentation. There are other Web sites about accessibility in general on all the federal government sites, and finally, there are further links from there. Also, if you are providing forms for a federal government agency, you should get in touch with their 'Section 508 representative,' who will give you guidelines for that agency's way to implement it.

Wyss, Max. PDFzone (2000). Design>Accessibility>Adobe Acrobat>Section 508


How to Open a PDF With Highlighted Words   (PDF)

The goal: to launch Acrobat Reader from an external application, automatically highlighting some words.

PDFzone (2003). Articles>Document Design>Software>Adobe Acrobat


Making PDFs Searchable

Is there a way to take a regular PDF and make it searchable?

Rosenthol, Leonard. PDFzone (2004). Design>Information Design>Software>Adobe Acrobat


Making PDFs Smaller

How can I reduce the size of several PDFs at once?

Rosenthol, Leonard. PDFzone (2003). Articles>Document Design>Software>Adobe Acrobat


Making Screen-Ready PDFs

Is there a quicker way of making screen PDFs from print-ready PDFs?

Miller, James. PDFzone (2003). Articles>Document Design>Software>Adobe Acrobat


Making Smart Use of Web Analytics   (PDF)

What’s the difference between simply measuring page hits and views, and actually converting site visits to sales? Smart use of Web analytics.

Cummings, Joanne. PDFzone (2004). Design>Web Design>Audience Analysis>Log Analysis


PDF Security, Part V: Adding Passwords   (PDF)

In this article, you'll add protection to your file so that no one can change its contents and so that unauthorized users can't open, use, or print the file.

PDFzone (2006). Design>Publishing>Software>Adobe Acrobat


Placing PDFs in Quark

Some caveats when placing PDFs in Quark prior to distilling.

Sprague, Rich. PDFzone (2004). Design>Document Design>Software>QuarkXPress


Powerpoint PDF Bloating   (PDF)

When I convert my PowerPoint presentations to PDF, why do they become so huge? How can I get around this?

PDFzone (2004). Articles>Presentations>Software>Microsoft PowerPoint


Sizing PDFs for Posting Online

What is the preferred maximum target file size for PDFs that will be accessed online by average users?

Miller, James. PDFzone (2003). Design>Web Design>Software>Adobe Acrobat

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