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An Academic Strikes Back: Transgressing the Genre of Bureaucracy

The rhetorical event described in this article shows that the rhetor can introduce an alien genre into a community of practice and createa kairotic moment.

Tachino, Tosh. Newsletter of the CASLL (2003). Articles>Language>Rhetoric


Through the Looking Glass: Identifying Causes of the Alice-Syndrome in Undergraduate Engineering Writers

This study grew out of a question asked by an engineering professor at the University of Windsor, Peter Frise, who observed while reading design proposals from his fourth year students: 'Many of these kids actually write like engineers! What accounts for the difference between those who do and those who don't?' Peter had just moved from teaching Engineering at Carleton where he specialized in introducing first-year students to their engineering studies. In Windsor, his responsibilities had shifted to primarily fourth-year and graduate students. He remembered only too well how ineffective and unengineering-like the writing of his first year students had been. We picked up Peter's question and began to collect data.

Artemeva, Natasha and Janna Fox. Newsletter of the CASLL (2003). Articles>Education>Engineering


Traveling in Space and Time: A Study of Learning Trajectories in Student Acquisition of Engineering Communication Strategies

My preliminary studies have shown that students do indeed acquire basic communication strategies appropriate for their chosen field that help them to become acculturated in workplace contexts. In other words, they begin to genre their 'way through social interactions, choosing the correct form in response to each communicative situation [they] encounter,' which they do 'with varying degree of mastery'. The subject of my CCCC 2003 presentation is a series of events that occurred in the life of one of my longitudinal study participants. In the presentation, I related these events to the audience and then analyzed them using Rhetorical Genre Studies as a theoretical tool.

Artemeva, Natasha. Newsletter of the CASLL (2003). Articles>Education>Engineering>Writing

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