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Careers In Technical Writing: Advising English Majors

Headlines on high technology are attracting the interest of undergraduates who aren't sure what they can do with an English major, of graduate students in English who find college teaching jobs increasingly scarce, and even of college English teachers who are hearing tempting rumors of undreamt-of consulting opportunities. Those of us who teach English in growing centers of high technology find our students and colleagues curious about this lucrative but vaguely threatening new field for liberal arts majors, while technical writing classes designed for science and engineering students are attracting (or stealing) increasing numbers of these majors. This paper provides the necessary background on the technical writing field for college English teachers who need to advise English majors and minors about career choices. My description of the profession is based on my recent experience as a technical editor for over four years. I've brought together surveys in professional journals, occupational literature available in college placement offices, and 1980 census data, as well as the more current monthly publications of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Both the statistics and my own observations confirm that, for English majors and minors with appropriate aptitude for and attitude toward the sciences, technical writing promises a potentially rewarding career.

Norman, Rose L. Modern Language Association (1986). Careers>TC


Guidelines for Evaluating Work with Digital Media

These guidelines from the MLA Committee on Computers and Emerging Technologies (CCET) deal with the hiring, reappointment, tenure, and promotion processes, are designed to help departments and faculty members implement effective evaluation procedures. These guidelines were approved by the MLA Executive Council at its 19-20 May 2000 meeting.

Modern Language Association (2000). Academic>Research>Assessment

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