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Demystifying Metadata

As long as people have been collecting information together, be it in the form of a library, an institutional filing system, a collection of accounting records or whatever, they've needed to come up with ways to help them know how to properly file and retrieve documents. These systems needn't involve any high technology.

Lucas, Marty. Mappa Mundi (1999). Articles>Information Design>Metadata


A Shared Reality: Maps as Metaphor

Maps help us navigate. On the Internet, finding things has become the big challenge. Death by a thousand clicks is the bane of any net user. The reason? We are attempting to shoe-horn the metaphor of maps–tools for navigating complex spaces–into existing metaphors, such as the infinite book that is the World Wide Web.

Malamud, Carl. Mappa Mundi (1999). Design>Information Design>Sitemaps>Geography


Web Site Maps from Dynamic Diagrams

The Web site map is one of the key tools that site designers can provide to help surfers successfully navigate through their site. However, the art and science of creating intuitive and useful Web site maps is still in its infancy.

Mappa Mundi (2000). Design>Web Design>Information Design>Sitemaps

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