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Automate Your Designs with Nested Styles in Adobe InDesign

We’re all used to working with style sheets (or least we should be). With each new version of InDesign, there seems to be a new way to style your content. We started with paragraph and character styles, then we got nested styles, followed by object styles, and finally table styles in InDesign CS3. As you can see, nested styles is not really new but it’s something that you should be taking advantage of, so let’s get to it.

White, Terry. Layers Magazine (2009). Design>Document Design>Style Sheets>Adobe InDesign


Broadcasting Type

Putting type on a path is not a new concept. However, Adobe InDesign CS adds a new twist to it. Not only can you put type on a path, but you can also link from path to path to have one continuous text flow. In this tutorial we’ll use this technique to replicate Apple’s new AirPort Express ad.

White, Terry. Layers Magazine (2005). Design>Typography>Software>Adobe InDesign


Conditional Text and InDesign CS4

InDesign has always supported the use of layers, but layers don’t always cut it when working with text. You can put a text frame on a layer and turn that layer on and off as needed, but it’s an all or nothing approach. What if you want to show and hide individual words or paragraphs and have the text automatically rewrap when you show or hide those words? With conditional text, it’s a breeze.

White, Terry. Layers Magazine (2009). Articles>Document Design>Single Sourcing>Adobe InDesign


Design a Magazine Cover

It may sound like a simple thing, but you better believe that a lot of thought goes into the design of a magazine cover. Covers compete for attention next to dozens of other magazines on the rack. In this tutorial, we’ll not only take you through the process of creating a cover, but also reveal techniques that designers use to make their covers stand out.

White, Terry. Layers Magazine (2009). Design>Document Design>Graphic Design


Don't Forget the Point-and-Shoot

When I travel, I sometimes don't want to lug around my gear bag, filled to the brim with two SLR bodies, several lenses, and accessories. Sometimes-especially at night and when I'm going to breakfast or lunch-I simply want to walk around, see the sights, and take some fun snapshots.

Sammon, Rick. Layers Magazine (2005). Design>Graphic Design>Photography


Fast Layout in Adobe InDesign CS4

Every now and then an app gets an update that really impacts your daily routine, and I’m happy to say that InDesign CS4 has some new-and-improved features that will do just that. InDesign is a page layout app, so anything that helps that process is a welcome addition, so let’s take a look at how CS4 will speed up your day-to-day work.

White, Terry. Layers Magazine (2009). Articles>Document Design>Workflow>Adobe InDesign


Integrating Video in a Flash Movie

Want to integrate video in your Flash movie? You have two choices. You can embed the video in your Flash document, or keep progressively download it into a SWF file using from a FLV (Flash Video) file. In this tutorial you’ll learn to use the Media Playback Component to display a FLV file in a Flash movie.

Cashman, Cyndy. Layers Magazine (2005). Design>Multimedia>Video>Flash


Making Your Digital Camera See More

One of the challenges of photography is to capture the image that you see with your camera. With modern cameras performing all of the light measurement and changing the settings, in most cases when you press the shutter button, the image that you capture is an accurate representation of what you saw; that is, until you attempt to photograph a scene that has extremes in lighting. When you’re out shooting a sunset, for example, you can see both the foreground and the sunset quite clearly, but after taking the photograph, the sunset looks brilliant and the foreground is black as pitch.

Huss, Dave. Layers Magazine (2005). Design>Graphic Design>Photography


The Perfect Splash

In the days of working with film products, creating images with splashing water was an incredible challenge. Today, digital capture provides a control we never had before. Just shoot the splashing water over several images and combine the best parts into one—in Photoshop CS, of course.

DiVitale, Jim. Layers Magazine (2005). Design>Graphic Design>Image Editing>Adobe Photoshop


Removing Things in Perspective

Before Photoshop CS2's introduction of the Vanishing Point filter, cloning away things in perspective was one of the hardest removal tasks of all. Luckily, this incredibly cool filter not only simplifies removing things in perspective, it actually makes it fun. In fact, this is one of those filters that's so amazing, you can wind up spending hours cloning away things that have no business being cloned away.

Kelby, Scott. Layers Magazine (2005). Design>Graphic Design>Software>Adobe Photoshop


Sending a Portfolio Presentation to a Client

In Photoshop CS there's a new feature that takes a folder full of images, creates a slide show (complete with transitions), and compresses it into PDF format so you can e-mail it easily to a client for proofing. This is perfect for showing your portfolio to clients, sending clients proofs of wedding shots or portrait sittings, and any of a dozen other uses, none of which I can happen to think of right at this particular moment, but I'm sure later today, when I'm at the mall or driving to the office, they'll come to me.

Kelby, Scott. Layers Magazine (2005). Articles>Presentations>Software>Adobe Photoshop


Site Building With Dreamweaver's Power Tools: Templates

Templates are a core tool in Dreamweaver--and one that's gaining in importance and use. Many designers employ templates at the most basic level to ramp up their production efforts; however, an equal number of designers now avoid them because incorrect setup and application left a bad taste. The benefits of templates far outweigh the time required to master them and it's definitely worth understanding how to do them right.

Lowery, Joseph. Layers Magazine (2005). Design>Web Design>Software>Dreamweaver


Text Wrap and Text Formatting in InDesign

The most frequently asked questions I get from people who are new to InDesign revolves around Text Wrap; however, there are also questions about text formatting that don’t get asked. But I know they exist because when I’m presenting in front of an audience and I start formatting text, I can see the look of amazement on some folks’ faces as if they’re thinking, “Hey, I didn’t know you could do that!”

White, Terry. Layers Magazine (2009). Articles>Document Design>Typography>Adobe InDesign


When Vector Meets Photo

Mixing vector and photo is one of the hottest trends in the illustration industry today. We've seen this effect used in national ad campaigns from Anheuser-Busch to Hawaiian Tropic. In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at how to create this effect in Illustrator. Before you begin, keep in mind that you can download the Illustrator source fi le used in this column.

Kloskowski, Matt. Layers Magazine (2005). Design>Graphic Design>Software>Adobe Photoshop

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