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Add A Custom Menu To a Microsoft Word Toolbar

In Microsoft Word, you can use menus and toolbars to control how you manage your documents. Menus display a list of commands. Most menus are located on the menu bar at the top of the Word window. Shortcut menus are available when you right-click text, objects, or other items. Toolbars can contain buttons with images, menus, or a combination of both. By default, the Standard and Formatting toolbars are docked side by side below the menu bar. You can also add a custom menu to your toolbar.

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Beetle Bailey and Presentation Skills

An audience, whether it is one person or many, wants speakers to provide maximum relevant information, delivered in minimum time and in the clearest possible terms, centered on the needs and concerns of the audience.

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Career Outlook for Technical Writers to 2010

Most professional writing jobs still require a college degree either in the liberal arts with a preference for Communications, Journalism, and English. Competition is expected to be less for lower paying, entry-level jobs. Writers who fail to gain better paying jobs usually can transfer readily to communications-related jobs in other occupations.

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Creating a New Microsoft Word Template

When you open a new file in Word, the font is probably set to Times Roman size 12. It doesn’t have to be like this; maybe you’d prefer a more glamourous font! In this tutorial, we'll explain how to create a new Word template.

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Creating an Index in Microsoft Word

For technical writers, a well-crafted index helps organise the writing process, in particular, when you get to the production stage.

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Deadwood Phrases

Deadwood phrases are found in all types of writing. In technical writing they are to be avoided at all costs as documentation needs to be crisp, concise and accurate.

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Essential Elements of a Writing Course Proposal

At some point in their careers, many writers may teach writing courses, either before a 'live' classroom audience or, these days, online. But how does a new teacher develop that first course proposal? What elements should go into it?

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Extending an Existing Word Template

In certain situations, you might want to extend an existing Word template, and add on new styles. Rather than create a RFP template from scratch, we modify the existing one—retaining all the styles and formatting that we want—and adding new styles where required.

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Five Steps to Update Word Templates

You can customize the templates that come with Word in a few easy steps. In this exercise, we will change the Memo template's font type and size.

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How to Manage Clients

For many technical writing companies the issue of how to manage all the associated 'non-writing' costs can be a sensitive area. Do I charge for every email? Every phone call? Where do you draw the line? What do you charge for, besides the document you produced?

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How to Create Different Page Numbering Formats

Large documents often require several page number formats in the same document. In this article, we describe how to setup different page numbering formats.

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How to Create Macros in Microsoft Word

A macro is an action, or a set of actions, that automate tasks. Macros are recorded in the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming language. You can use the macro recorder to record a sequence of actions as a macro, or write VBA code in the Visual Basic Editor.

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How to Make Business Process Flowcharts Easier to Read

How to diagram large, complex business processe by using off-page Connectors

Walsh, Ivan. Klariti (2011). Articles>Software>Business Case


How to Recover Lost Word Files

Microsoft Word will 'lose' documents in certain situations. For example, it may lose a document if Word is forced to quit unexpectedly, if your computer has a power interruption while you're writing, or if you close the document without saving changes. In this article we explain different ways to recover these lost documents.

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How Twitter Will Make You A Better Writer

What does Twitter tell you about your writing skills? Can it really make you a better writer? Here's some tactics to use Twitter to be a better writer.

Walsh, Ivan. Klariti (2011). Articles>Business Communication


Interview: Dr Michael F Unwalla at TechScribe

TechScribe is a UK-based technical writing company. The principal is Dr Michael F Unwalla, who turned a lifetime dream of running his own business into a reality. Here he talks to Ivan about how TechScribe produces its award-winning documentation.

Walsh, Ivan and Mike Unwalla. Klariti (2010). Articles>Interviews>Technical Writing


Nine Ways to Optimize Business Email

Ranking right up there with the business letter and the corporate memo, email has taken a giant step to the forefront of today's business communications options. Whether you use the electronic medium for most of your business correspondence, or reserve email for an occasional message to colleagues, you'll want to be assured that you're communicating clearly and professionally.

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Quick Formatting Tricks

Word can be very unforgiving! Once a document becomes too unwieldy, it starts to stagger and then collapses, wiping out all the formatting in the process. In some cases, you can recover the raw text but, as a rule, the layout and presentation is destroyed. However, there are several ways that reduce the likelihood of this occurring.

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So You Think You Know What a Template Is?

So you think you know what a Template is? Well, what is it?

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Software User Assistance Project Management

This article takes a look at a methodology for developing and managing a Software User Assistance (UA) System, a way of doing things in a structured manner. It provides a complete walkthrough for managers responsible for designing, developing, and managing a software product’s user assistance system. The software’s UA system could comprise of both paper-based user manuals and online help systems.

Ferris, Tamara. Klariti. Articles>Documentation>Usability>Help


Stop Graphics from Increasing the Size of Your Word Documents

When you insert a graphic into your Word document, it increases the file size automatically as Word has to ‘store’ (i.e. duplicate) a rendering of the graphic in the document. To avoid this happening, you can reduce the file size by storing only the links to the graphics and not the actual graphic itself.

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Technical Writing Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

This page talks about technical writing and how to create technical documentation that is accurate, readable, and helpful to its target audience.

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The The 10 Commandments of Software Maintenance Plans

What’s the best way to write a Software Maintenance plan? Software Maintenance Plans are different than other technical documents in that the focus is on how to modify software AFTER it has been released and is now in operations. Most other documents focus on planning, development or testing.

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The Twenty Commandments for Submitting Articles

The acceptance rate for many freelance writers is between 25% and 40%. In my own experience though, I’ve had an almost 75% acceptance rate. But, it hasn’t happened overnight. From trial and error, I’ve picked up a few tricks that seem to make all the difference.

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Using Watermarks to Personalize Your Documents

Have you ever wanted the word 'DRAFT' to appear as a light background on the pages of your printed documents? Microsoft refers to this use of words and images as 'watermarks.'

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