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An Overview of Single Sourcing with an XML Content Management System

Creating an XML-based Content Management System to single-source technical publications is as simple as 1 - 2 - 3. OK, maybe it isn't quite that easy, but this article discusses how it can be done.

Sapir, Rick. KeyContent.org (2004). Articles>Content Management>Documentation>XML


Authoring Content in XML

XML authoring is the latest mode of electronic communication of content. XML is about freedom: freeing the content, freeing the author.

Albing, Bill. KeyContent.org (2004). Articles>Writing>XML


Automating Documentation Generation

The advent of automatic generation tools, that could automatically generate the information was a major step in the creation of more accurate documentation and it held the promise of saving time and money.

Albing, Bill. KeyContent.org (2004). Articles>Documentation


Bloom's Taxonomy in Technical Content Development

Technical writers provide information enabling users to learn and apply various technologies. In the endeavor to enable users, technical writers often need to use different strategies of classification, presentation, and structuring for the different types of information. However, in most cases such classifications or decisions about the best method of presentation and optimum structure are guided by instinct and are rarely heuristic. In this article, we present an established classification of information called Bloom’s taxonomy (of educational objectives), which can help technical writers make decisions about content classification.

Robbani, Wasique. KeyContent.org (2006). Articles>Document Design>Academic>Contextual Inquiry


Content Management Glossary

An interactive glossary of terms from content management systems.

Sapir, Rick. KeyContent.org (2006). Articles>Content Management>Glossary


Course Design and Content Organization: A Psychological Perspective

While a lot of effort is spent on designing an effective structure of the course, individual memory is seemingly the more untouched and somehow neglected aspect of our efforts to develop effective learning solutions. There is a need to add a psychological perspective of memory and retention/recollection to the way we design learning solutions.

Singh, Atul. KeyContent.org (2006). Articles>Communication>Technical Writing


Course Management Tools Review

This is a summary of open source tools for what is variously called: * distance learning * course management product or system * learning management system * virtual classroom

Albing, Bill, Frances Wirth and Rick Sapir. KeyContent.org (2005). Resources>Education>Online


The Documentation Elephant

As technical communicators grapple with the changing processes and tools within which they work, we are seeing a gradual but dramatic evolution of technical writers into content developers.

Albing, Bill. KeyContent.org (2004). Articles>Documentation


Documentation for Sarbanes-Oxley

In the financial end of business, more work is being done with documentation, thanks to Sarbanes-Oxley and financial accountability.

KeyContent.org (2006). Articles>Business Communication>Documentation


Documenting in N-Dimensional Space

As technical communicators, we are being challenged with how to structure information in a multiple dimensional space made possible with Web technology.

Albing, Bill. KeyContent.org (2005). Articles>Documentation>Information Design


The Electric XML Acid Test

This will be the story of my life from the time my boss came to me and said, 'Hey, maybe we could do that Knowledge Base in XML. I hear good things about that XML,' to the time that I figured out everything I needed to know and deployed a fully functional XML knowledge base to the world.

Robotti, Anne. KeyContent.org (2006). Articles>Information Design>XML


Health Risk Communication

With government getting more involved with healthcare and organizations collecting information about the risks of some diseases, there is a plethora of information about heath risk that must be made accessible to the general public.

Albing, Bill. KeyContent.org (2004). Articles>Risk Communication>Biomedical>Civic


How to Create an RSS Feed for any HTML Page

How can you create an RSS for a specific HTML page, especially if the page-create software or web host doesn't provide an automated method. This article discusses how to use a screen scraper to quickly and easily create a RSS feed for any HTML page.

Sapir, Rick. KeyContent.org (2006). Articles>Information Design>XML>RSS


Hurdles to Single-Sourcing

LaTeX and DocBook (and for that matter any manner of XML editors), which could be considered excellent single-sourcing tools, are almost never discussed.

Meyerding, Henry. KeyContent.org (2004). Articles>Content Management>LaTeX>DocBook


Integrating Javadoc (API Reference) with JavaHelp (Online Help): Two Approaches

Although online help (either task-based or UI-centric) and API reference documents serve different purposes, there are times when you may want to at least create associations between the two or at most merge them into one system.

Sapir, Rick. KeyContent.org (2004). Articles>Documentation>Online


Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals

Advances have been made to provide that information online to the point where electronic access to the information involves nothing more futuristic than a laptop computer and access to a database.

Albing, Bill. KeyContent.org (2004). Articles>Documentation>Interactive>Online


Issues in Technical Writing

Now it is very important to recognize the vital role of a technical writer and services expected to provide to justify the requirements of this profession. Since technical writer is a sub category of technical communication, that involves other categories involved in documentation, like content writer, software configuration manager, technical editor, information designer and many more.

Albing, Bill. KeyContent.org (2005). Articles>TC>Communication>Technical Writing


Java Software Product Documentation

This is a collaboration about the issues involved in creating documentation for Java software products. It began as correspondence between Bill Albing and Matthew Arnold Stern and includes a bit from Rick Sapir, too.

Stern, Matthew Arnold, Bill Albing and Rick Sapir. KeyContent.org (2005). Articles>Documentation


Key Resources

This portal (organized into categories) lists external resources for content developers, technical communicators, information architects, and web designers.

KeyContent.org. Resources>Directories



Topics on technical communication written by experts in the field and posted online.

Albing, Bill. KeyContent.org. Resources>Documentation


Limits of Automated Audio

This is a list of limitations of the types of automated audio translation offered by such services as Talkr.com. Since we do not see a list in their help center, we thought we would compile our own list and offer it as a wiki page for any customers to keep a list of limitations.

KeyContent.org (2007). Articles>Language>Translation>Audio


The Limits of Content Management Systems

The promise of content management systems as presently implemented in large corporations will never be fulfilled.

Albing, Bill. KeyContent.org (2004). Articles>Content Management


Meaningful Microcontent

Microcontent refers to small, granular, and possibly representative (that can provide a summary of or a navigation to a larger set of information) bits of information, typically available on the Web. An example in the domain of journalism might be headlines and news summaries, small bits of content that can be used on a front page of the news with links to more in-depth articles. The definition has grown in scope as much as in its application.

Albing, Bill. KeyContent.org (2006). Articles>Documentation>Content Management>Technical Writing


Moving from Unstructured to FrameMaker Plus DITA

This page provides some answers to the question 'What resources would you recommend for someone moving from unstructured Frame to Frame+DITA?' Carla Martinek, Translation Coordinator/Editor, started making this list in response to a CMS question on the FrameMaker+DITA listserv, and thought it would be worth sharing.

KeyContent.org (2006). Resources>Document Design>Software>Adobe FrameMaker


Nanotechnology: Implications for Transforming Communication

The implications for transforming communication due to the development of nanotechnology is summarized.

Albing, Bill. KeyContent.org (2004). Articles>Communication>Technology



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