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Activity Theory and Its Implications for Writing Instruction   (Word)   (peer-reviewed)

Proposes that educational institutions continue to improve the uses of writing in society in two ways: extend writing across the curriculum efforts and raise the awareness of students, the university community, and the public to the role of writing in society by having those who study writing teach an introductory liberal arts course on it. Both are important steps toward removing the remedial stigma attached to writing and its teaching, and toward combating the myth of autonomous literacy that reinforces the remedial stigma.

Russell, David R. Iowa State University (1995). Articles>Education>Writing>Activity Theory


Beyond Bookmarks: Schemes for Organizing the Web

A clearinghouse of web sites that have applied or adopted standard classification schemes or controlled vocabularies to organize or provide enhanced access to Internet resources.

McKiernan, Gerry. Iowa State University (2003). Resources>Directories>Information Design>Controlled Vocabulary


Collaborative Portfolio Assessment in the English Secondary School System   (Word)   (peer-reviewed)

In the last decade, several groups in the US have also been working toward performance assessment that is tied to the curriculum and assessed by collaboratively by teachers: the New Standards Project, the College Board Pacesetter Project, and several state assessment projects. This paper describes the English system not as a model to be imitated—there are profound differences in the two societies and their education systems—but as a point of reference, a means of seeing the US system and the recent reform efforts in comparative perspective.

Russell, David R. Iowa State University (1995). Articles>Education>Portfolios


Composition and Rhetoric Bibliographic Database

Welcome to the home page of the Composition & Rhetoric Bibliographic Database project. Citations from journals and books in composition and rhetoric studies have been archived in both EndNote and Refer/BibIX bibliographic formats.

Honeycutt, Lee. Iowa State University (2001). Resources>Bibliographies>Rhetoric


Creating a Multi-Page Document Using AutoFlow

In this tutorial, we are going to create a simple layout for an existing text document.

Iowa State University (2001). Design>Document Design>Tutorials>Adobe InDesign


Cutting and Arranging Clips

Once you have successfully captured your video clips, you will want to edit and arrange them to create you movie. It is very rare to flawlessly capture exactly what you need, with the exact in and out points that you want. You will need to trim unwanted frames and footage from your clips.

Iowa State University (2002). Design>Multimedia>Editing>Video


Designer's Cafe

A page with links to facilitate users who build website with Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash.

Ellertson, Anthony. Iowa State University (2003). Design>Web Design>Software>Flash


EJI(sm): A Registry of Innovative E-Journal Features, Functionalities, and Content

A categorized registry of electronic journals, journal services, or 'knowledge environments' that offer or provide innovative or novel access, organization, or navigational features, functionalities, or content. E-Journals that include multimedia components are listed inM-Bed(sm), while those that offer pay-per-view access are listed in Just-in-Time(sm). Some e-journals in EJI(sm) require free registration or a paid subscription to access select registry entries.

McKiernan, Gerry. Iowa State University. Resources>Web Design>Publishing>Online


Exporting to QuickTime or for use with iDVD

You have this great project that you've just finished, and you need to bring it into another program, display it on your web site, or turn it in on CD or DVD. To do this, you will need to export your movie. iMovie has several 'built-in' configurations that take much of the guesswork out of compressing your video for optimal playback on one of those media types. I often find, however, that the standard choices are not quite what I want or need. This is when the Expert options come into play.

Iowa State University (2003). Design>Multimedia>Video>DVD


GRApES: Group for Research in Applied English Studies   (peer-reviewed)

GRApES is a group of applied linguists and rhetoricians in the English Department at ISU who meet regularly to discuss their various research pursuits, looking for areas of mutual interest in terms of methodology and theory. As you will see below, the group is quite diverse in interests and expertise. Our goal is to collaborate on joint research projects. Feel free to contact any of us about our research.

Iowa State University. Organizations>Writing>Regional>Iowa


iMovie Tutorial: Capturing Video

This is one in a series which will take you through the act of capturing, editing, and exporting a video using Apple iMovie.

Iowa State University (2002). Design>Multimedia>Editing>Video


InDesign: Basic Page Setup

InDesign is Adobe's replacement for the aging PageMaker application. In many ways, InDesign is very similar to PageMaker, but there are differences that can throw an experienced PageMaker user for a loop (albeit briefly). In this tutorial you will set up a simple layout and master page.

Iowa State University (2000). Design>Document Design>Software>Adobe InDesign


Introduction to Macromedia Dreamweaver (I)   (members only)

Macromedia Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor used for web page creation. This video will guide you through the first use of Dreamweaver MX. It is followed by Introduction to Macromedia Dreamweaver (II).

Hegelheimer, Volker. Iowa State University (2003). Resources>Tutorials>Streaming>Dreamweaver


Introduction to Macromedia Dreamweaver (II)   (members only)

Macromedia Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor used for web page creation. This video will continue to guide you through the first use of Dreamweaver MX. It follows Introduction to Macromedia Dreamweaver (I).

Hegelheimer, Volker. Iowa State University (2003). Resources>Tutorials>Streaming>Dreamweaver


The Limits of the Apprenticeship Models in WAC/WID Research

One of the most significant developments in writing research over the last twelve years has been the large number of naturalistic studies of writing in the disciplines (college-level) and in the professions (non-academic writing). A number of these are based on the metaphor of apprenticeship, most recently the theory of 'cognitive apprenticeship' drawn from research in situated cognition. The learning and teaching of students in schools or colleges, as well as workers in non-academic settings, is compared to the learning and teaching of apprentices in pre- or early-industrial societies, who learned on the job while doing progressively more complex and central tasks, under the watchful eye of a master or expert. A central advantage of the apprentice metaphors is that it allows us focus on actions and motives that the official school curriculum and traditional theories of education (and their metaphors of 'banking' or 'transmission') find it difficult do discussthe 'hidden curriculum' that many have studied. Yet metaphors of apprenticeship--drawn from earlier versions of capitalism--are, I would argue, severely limited in their capacity to explain the ways newcomers learn new genres in late capitalist work environments, to theorize, in other words, the relation between formal schooling and industrial society. I want to suggest here three basic ways that theories based on the apprentice metaphor are limited.

Russell, David R. Iowa State University (1998). Articles>Writing>Writing Across the Curriculum>Tropes


Looking Beyond the Interface: Activity Theory and Distributed Learning   (Word)

Activity theory (AT) has for many years been used in studies of human computer interaction, such as computer interface design and computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW) (Nardi, 1996). In the last five years it has begun to be used to understand distributed learning, as technological innovations in education have often "seemed to be designed to exploit the capabilities of the technology rather than to meet an instructional need," to be technology-driven rather than theory-driven.

Russell, David R. Iowa State University (2001). Articles>Education>Theory>Activity Theory


Multimedia Design in Professional Communication

This course will focus on the fundamentals of developing digital multimedia using a range of software, hardware, and electronic equipment. Through readings, class discussion and multimedia projects, you'll learn to apply rhetorical principles (audience analysis, invention, organization, style, design) to multimedia authoring; to learn production techniques for multimedia development (including CD-ROM, streaming video, DVD video and Flash interactivity), from storyboarding to nonlinear editing; to plan and manage collaborative multimedia projects; to master software genres commonly used for multimedia training program in education and industry.

Sauer, Geoffrey. Iowa State University (2004). Academic>Courses>Multimedia


Multimedia Design in Professional Communication

This course will focus on the fundamentals of developing digital multimedia using a range of software, hardware, and electronic equipment. Solid computer skills, knowledge of rhetoric, and basic web design skills are assumed, but no specific experience with multimedia technologies is prerequisite. Be prepared to approach multimedia vigorously and immersively.

Payne, Don. Iowa State University (2003). Academic>Courses>Multimedia


Postcard Announcing an Exhibit

In this tutorial, we will create a postcard announcing a fictitious exhibit (or a real one if you have one coming up:) using InDesign. This tutorial was originally written for the InDesign Workshop.

Iowa State University (2000). Design>Document Design>Tutorials>Adobe InDesign


Poster Announcing an Exhibit

This tutorial is a companion to 0002, and was part of the InDesign Workshop. We will create a companion poster announcing the same exhibition.

Iowa State University (2000). Design>Document Design>Tutorials>Adobe InDesign


Publishing and Its Implications, 1688-2005

One definition of rhetoric is the study of relationships between writers and readers. This course will review changes in publishing from 1688 to the present, considering implications for writers (particularly professional communicators), publishing, and reading audiences. The course will learn about, then examine in detail, the social impact of key innovations from this period.

Sauer, Geoffrey. Iowa State University (2005). Academic>Courses>History>Publishing


Quintilian's Institutes of Oratory

A classical discussion of how to speak appropriately to audiences.

Honeycutt, Lee. Iowa State University (2003). Books>Rhetoric


Recommended Texts for Research Methods Classes

A list of recommended texts for use in a research methods class, accompanied by brief reviews. The list was generated in a discussion on attw-l in February 2000.

Winsor, Dorothy A. Iowa State University. Resources>Bibliographies>Methods


Teaching Business and Technical Communication

English 504 introduces students to varying perspectives about the design and implementation of instruction in business and technical communication—with primary attention to academic classroom instruction but some attention to workplace training.

Burnett, Rebecca E. Iowa State University (2003). Academic>Courses>Education>Technical Writing


Technical Communication

In this course, we will explore the various forms and media by which working professionals convey technical information to both internal and external audiences. As a student in this course, you will learn to write a variety of genres used in technical communication -- résumés and cover letters, memos, proposals, progress reports, and final reports. To facilitate production of such documents, you will also learn to use several types of desktop software, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as others.

Honeycutt, Lee. Iowa State University (2001). Academic>Courses>TC>Technical Writing



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