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Adolescent Diary Weblogs and the Unseen Audience   (PDF)   (peer-reviewed)

This paper first situates adolescent diary weblogs and their implied audiences and then applies a typology of audiences for personal narrative performance to a sample of diary weblog posts to ascertain if the typology fits the implied audiences present in the weblog text.

Scheidt, Lois Ann. Indiana University (2005). Articles>Writing>Web Design>Blogging


Complying with the TEACH Act

On November, 2, 2002, the TEACH Act (Act) became law, fully revising Section 110(2) of the U.S. Copyright Act, governing lawful uses of works protected by copyright in distance education. By complying with the TEACH Act, certain copyrighted works may be used for distance education without permission from, or payment of royalties to, the copyright owner—and without copyright infringement.

Indiana University (2003). Articles>Intellectual Property>Copyright>Education



This site is primarily for use by Copyediting-L subscribers who need information about the list's operation. (For general assistance with Listserv commands, see Indiana University's Knowledge Base.)

Indiana University. Resources>Mailing Lists


Faceted Access: A Review of the Literature

The purpose of this 1995 paper is to define what is meant by facet analysis, and to review briefly the history of facet analysis within the context of other types of subject analysis in libraries and within the context of information retrieval research.

Maple, Amanda. Indiana University (1995). Articles>Web Design>Metadata


Fair-Use Issues

How to appropriately and lawfully use existing copyrighted materials in teaching, research, and other activities.

Indiana University. Articles>Intellectual Property>Copyright


Instructional-Design Theories

Instructional theory describes a variety of methods of instruction (different ways of facilitating human learning and development) and when to use--and not use--each of those methods.

Reigeluth, Charles M. Indiana University (1999). Resources>Education>Instructional Design


SIRCh: Science Writing Aids

Students often misinterpret the objective: 'learn how to improve writing skills' that is found among the many objectives of the C471 course. We do not have a major writing assignment in this course, nor do we critique your writing skills. On the other hand, we do introduce you to many tools that will assist in the task of writing. One of the most important things to grasp in this session is the conventions used in formal science writing, such as the use of abbreviations for journal titles and the frequent omission of article titles from the citations. The terms 'citation' and 'reference' are used in several contexts in C471. In this session, they refer to items of a bibliography.

Indiana University. Academic>Course Materials

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