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Comparing Apples and Oranges to CMS Software

As ridiculous as that may sound many are getting away with doing it. There are many comparisons of open source CMS software that are popping up that are total garbage. The reviewers are comparing CMS systems that are in 5 to 8 different categories and have 4 different sets of requirements. No wonder they are confused and can't make a choice.

Hiveminds (2006). Articles>Content Management>Software


Drupal Has Terrible Access Control

After a week of fighting with it I have come to the conclusion that Drupal access control modules are all inadequate and are based on some weak database design. Taxonomy access and node access are flawed from the start. This type of access control where the assets are assigning their own internal security is not scalable and suffers from very high database overhead.

Hiveminds (2005). Articles>Content Management>Software>Drupal


eRuby: Getting Started with Ruby on the Web

Ruby is the interpreted scripting language for quick and easy object-oriented programming. It has many features to process text files and to do system management tasks as languages like Perl or Python do. Ruby is simple, straight-forward, extensible, and cross-platform portable language that has a syntax that is easy to understand. One of the strengths of Ruby is that it strives to be powerful but not complicated. Ruby has advantage over other OOP languages in that it can be used to code procedurally.

Hiveminds (2007). Articles>Web Design>Server Side Includes>Ruby on Rails


Everything You Wanted to Know About SQL Injection

If you are a CMS user or web developer then you should know what SQL injection attacks are and how to protect your web applications against them. Hackers are using more SQL based attacks, getting smarter about how to attack a website and using better tools. You have to get a good understanding of how their attacks work if you are going to choose the right software and keep your website secure. Here I will review several types of SQL injection attacks and how they occur. Then take a look at what web developers and end users can do to prevent them.

McDade, Carl. Hiveminds (2006). Articles>Web Design>Databases>SQL


Forum and CMS Integration

The nucleus of building an online community is a popular an well run forum. When building a community using php CMS software the forum is the first thing that should be configured. Unfortunately most opensource php CMS software is lacking in the area that it should be strongest, the forum. For users a lot of time and effort goes into choosing the right software to accomplish the task of building an online community. Missing is the effort by the CMS developers to ensure that the software is up to the job.

Hiveminds (2006). Articles>Content Management>Community Building


How to Avoid Complicated PHP Forms and Data Processing

When you are creating a web application forms and data should be held strictly seperate. In the PHP community this rule is ignored and PHP itself is being abused. Template and framework system developers have made it more commonplace. CMS developers seem to have forgotten that under no circumstances should the code used to display forms be allowed to process the data involved. Here's why not and the solution.

Hiveminds (2006). Design>Web Design>Server Side Includes>PHP


Is Open Source is Killing the Lone Coder?

It is probably more true that open source is helping the lone coder find a niche or their own market share. There are plenty of them and more are appearing everyday. With potential clients looking for specialists in content management software like Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, Typo3 and a gang of newcomers finding a niche is becoming increasingly easier.

Hiveminds (2005). Articles>Collaboration>Software>Open Source


The Phenomenon of Wide Area Social Networking

Everyone agrees trackbacks do not work. But now there is something else that could take its place. Wide Area Social Networking or WASN is a phenomenon that I first noticed at dzone.com. Will WASN be the next hot trend for Web 2.0 and will spread like wild fire over the entire internet? Can it be what trackbacks tried to be?

Hiveminds (2006). Design>Web Design


Why Web Development is Hard to Explain

When someone asks me what I do for a living it usually leads to blank stares or embarassing pauses. Saying that you are a 'Web developer' does not trigger a visual response with most so they always need to follow up with a series of questions that might give them some clue as to what you really do for a profession. Even after getting some idea about what the job entails they have to know.. "Do you make money at that?". Well here's a bit of history to help you out.

Hiveminds (2006). Careers>Web Design

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