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Image Formats

But what's the difference between GIF, JPEG and BMP? What does it mean if a GIF is interlaced or non-interlaced? Is a JPEG progressive because it enjoys art deco? Does a Bitmap actually offer directions somewhere? And the most often asked question: When do I use a specific image format?

Burns, Joe. HTML Goodies (1998). Design>Graphic Design>Image Editing


So You Want Cascading Style Sheets, Huh?

This tutorial is an updated version of my original style sheet tutorial. Style Sheets, A.K.A.: Cascading Style Sheets, A.K.A.: CSS, are becoming more popular now that they are cross-browser models thanks to Netscape's version 4.x including the commands. This is a general overview of Style Sheets. You'll find more specific Style Sheet elements explained in the Positioning, Class & ID, and DHTML tutorials.

Burns, Joe. HTML Goodies (1997). Design>Web Design>CSS


So, You Want DHTML, Huh?

It's actually a little tough to get a handle on DHTML because it's beginning to mean different things to a few different people. The actual term stands for Dynamic Hypertext Mark-Up Language. That's obvious. The essence of the term stands for almost any coding that creates movement or interactivity by employing the standards of the 4.0 level Netscape and MSIE browsers.

Burns, Joe. HTML Goodies (2003). Design>Web Design>DHTML


So, You Want To Screen Capture, Huh?

Here's a quick tutorial about screen captures, thus the title. If you're not sure what a screen capture is, then think about the pages you've seen lately. Maybe some of them have had specific sections of the desktop or a program made into an image. It was almost as if they captured part of the screen as an image.

Burns, Joe. HTML Goodies (2004). Articles>Documentation>Graphic Design>Screen Captures

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