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Access All Sights

If your company has a public website, it needs to be accessible - and that's the law.

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Design By Or For the People?

User-centred design is now widely accepted, but the emphasis on its usability component under-estimates people’s abilities and limits innovation.

Macdonald, Nico. Guardian Unlimited, The (2003). Articles>User Centered Design


Mark of Success

It is just seven years since specifications were developed to allow XML data to be exchanged over the internet. Simon Bisson looks at the development of the lingua franca of the connected world.

Bisson, Simon. Guardian Unlimited, The (2005). Articles>Information Design>XML>Standards


Well Formed XML

Business integration is at the heart of many of today's industry trends. As businesses consolidate infrastructure, and look at rolling out service-oriented architectures, they are finding they need to link previously isolated applications. It's not easy. You can't link applications without some form of middleware, an extra application layer that lets their various systems communicate. Whether you use web services, or a message-based solution, there's one key feature that's at the heart of modern integration technologies: XML.

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