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Becoming an eTeacher

A course for: any teacher who ever wanted a practical way to begin their eTeaching adventure but didn't know where to start; any teacher who thought it might be useful to have a website for their educational work; any teacher who is curious about how the Internet can be used to help their students.

Harmer, Erin, Ed Du Vivier, Michael Seery and Paul Melrose. Google (2010). Resources>Education>Instructional Design>Online



A USENET newsgroup for discussion among users of Adobe FrameMaker.

Google. Resources>Mailing Lists>Software>Adobe FrameMaker


Content Strategy

What is content strategy? Good question! We're working here to provide a basic definition of the field of interactive content strategy, its body of knowledge, and its practitioners.

Macintyre, Jeffrey. Google. Resources>Content Management>Content Strategy


Content Strategy: Google Groups

This group seeks participation from smart folks who think content strategy matters.

Google. Organizations>Content Management>Content Strategy


Desktop Publishing

A directory of websites about desktop publishing, fonts, services and software.

Google. Resources>Directories>Document Design


Document Management

A directory of online resources about document management.

Google. Resources>Directories>Online>Content Management


Google Conversion University

While Google Analytics is easy to use for beginners, it's also a very powerful tool in the hands of knowledgeable users. Qualified users will be effective at leveraging Google Analytics within their organizations and at helping others to do the same. The online course is free to everyone.

Google (2010). Resources>Web Design>Assessment>Log Analysis


Google TECHWR-L Archive

A complete archive of discussion threads from the TECHWR-L mailing list.

Google. Resources>Mailing Lists>TC


Google's Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide   (PDF)

Welcome to Google's Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. This document first began as an effort to help teams within Google, but we thought it'd be just as useful to webmasters that are new to the topic of search engine optimization and wish to improve their sites' interaction with both users and search engines. Although this guide won't tell you any secrets that'll automatically rank your site first for queries in Google (sorry!), following the best practices outlined below will make it easier for search engines to both crawl and index your content.

Google (2008). Articles>Web Design>Search Engine Optimization


Know What You Don't Know: Gathering Information for a Technical Writing Project

While gathering information for a documentation project, what challenges do we have to overcome? A presentation of data based on responses to an online survey.

Dhanagopal, Kumar. Google Docs (2012). Presentations>Documentation>Technical Writing


The Science and Art of User Experience at Google

Takes you through the art and science behind Google's design process and shares examples of how design, usability and engineering are combined by Google's development teams.

Fitzpatrick, Jen. Google (2006). Design>Web Design>User Experience>Methods


Technical Illustration

A directory of online resources in technical illustration.

Google. Resources>Directories>Graphic Design>Technical Illustration


Technical Writing Chats and Forums

A directory of chats, forums and mailing lists of interest to technical communicators.

Google. Resources>Directories>Mailing Lists


Technical Writing Software

A directory of technical communication software resources.

Google. Resources>Directories>TC>Software


Video Introduction to HTML 5

Are you interested in HTML 5 and what's coming down the pipeline but haven't had time to read any articles yet? We've put together an educational Introduction to HTML 5 video that goes over many of the major aspects of this new standard. In the video we also crack open the HTML 5 YouTube Video prototype to show you some of the new HTML 5 tags, such as nav, article, etc.

Google (2009). Articles>Web Design>Standards>HTML5


Web Usability

A directory of online resources in web usability.

Google. Resources>Directories>Usability>Web Design


Webmaster Guidelines

Webmasters who spend their energies upholding the spirit of the basic principles will provide a much better user experience and subsequently enjoy better ranking than those who spend their time looking for loopholes they can exploit.

Google. Design>Web Design>Quality

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