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Creating Dynamic Web Sites

Creating Dynamic Web Sites is a presentation intended to teach beginners what it takes to add applications to a website in order to make it dynamic rather than static. This presentation was designed to cover everything thirty minutes and conclude by recommending various free sites to obtain free software to make your site dynamic including Java, ASP, and last but certainly not least, Perl.

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Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is hands down, the most popular program for creating and modifying images for the Web. This is true not only because Photoshop is available on a wide array of platforms ranging from Mac to Windows to UNIX, but because after four generations of development, Adobe Photoshop has the most intuitive user interface, the most complete set of tools, and the largest number of reference books around.

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Introduction to Databases for Web Developers

Unlike previous versions of data warehouses (people and books), that might be considered the australopithecines of the database lineage, libraries crossed over into the modern-day species.

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Introduction to Web Design

The web is a complex, international, cross platform, cross language, cross cultural mesh of servers, clients, users, databases, and quite a few artificial intelligences all talking, working, searching, viewing, accessing, downloading, and who knows what else.

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Introduction to Web Security

Computer security is a give and take situation. You can never be safe so long as you offer services. However, without offering services you may as well not have the computer in the first place. Thus, security becomes more about acceptable risk and emergency recovery than impregnability. It is your job to make sure that the cons of a break have far less impact than the pros of having a web site.

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Introduction to XML for Web Developers

Surely, if you have decided to learn about XML, you are probably already quite familiar with the concepts behind HTML (HyperText Markup Language). So let's start from there.

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Putting the Writer Back Into Technical Writing

It is one thing to complain about the shortcomings of technical writing but quite another to actually set forward a reasonable solution.

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Web Application Technologies - Surveying The Landscape

ASPs, Java Servlets/JSP, Perl, ColdFusion, PHP. The landscape is filled with languages and technologies to make dynamic web applications. This talk contains a survey of the pros and cons of each technology as well as where to get good examples of key applications most every website needs on each platform.

Birznieks, Gunther. Extropia (2001). Presentations>Web Design>Server Side Includes>Personalization

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