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Agile Technical Writing Basics

Unfortunately, nobody wrote instructions for Agile technical writers, so peculiarities of profession need to be studied out.

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A Dozen Techniques to Improve Your Software Online Help

There are several main reasons why putting your software manual on-line is necessary. It makes your web-site attractive for search engine crawlers and therefore brings you targeted traffic from Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and other search engines. A good online manual presents your product as serious and credible. Moreover, if a user faces difficulty using your software and asks for technical support, you may easily resolve the issue by referring that user to a certain page of your online help. Simply give the page's URL. With just one click the user will see screenshots and explanations which will help them to resolve the issue.

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Error Accessing and Displaying CHM Files: Reasons and Solutions

So, you've got in trouble. Some or even all of your CHM files seem to have gotten corrupted. They show a "The page cannot be displayed" error in the left-hand pane of the CHM viewer. There are several possible reasons why your CHM e-books and documentation files are unreadable.

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The Hidden Power of the Online Manual

Writing software manuals is boring, isn't it? We often think, "My software is easy to use. The user interface is intuitive. Why should I waste so much time writing documentation which nobody will read anyway?" Sometimes it's true. I've never read the WinZip or Internet Explorer manuals. Everything seems clear enough without further explanation. Nevertheless, even if your manual isn't being helpful to your software users, it may be helpful to you. Publish your manual online and turn its hidden power into a real benefit for your business.

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Tapping Your Creative Juices

Technical Communication (TC) has many facets but at the core of every effort, deliverable, meeting or other task is the challenge to solve a problem. Whether the task is to write or otherwise communicate an explanation of how to do or use something, convince a client to use your services, resolve an interpersonal conflict between yourself and someone else or between others, or determine the best content delivery medium for a specific scenario, you will always have two challenges: clearly identifying the problem and producing a satisfactory solution to it.

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Windows Software Help Files Formats

Are you still wondering which help file format to use for your Windows software? The selection depends on your software and on the information that is in your help files. Each help file format has its own unique features that may be useful in certain situations.

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Writing Cost-Effective Documentation for Software Systems

There are many situations when you have an application but there is no help file with it, and you have no time to write complete documentation yourself. At the same time you have no budget to hire a professional technical writer who can do this tedious work for you. Let's consider the most common of such situations.

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