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Accessing Form Elements Array with JavaScript

This article shows how you can access an array of HTML form elements using JavaScript.

DevBay (2005). Design>Web Design>DHTML


Basic Search Engine Optimization Guide And Tips

Search engine optimization or SEO is very important to get your website listed in search engines. Even if this is the first website you have built there are a few basic and easy steps that will help you with optimizing your website without being a pro.

DevBay (2005). Articles>Web Design>Search>Search Engine Optimization


The Complete Beginner's Guide to Writing Articles

So how do you get started? What do you write about? What do you actually DO with your articles once you've written them? It seems daunting, I know. I was petrified myself when I first started writing articles, I still get nervous every time I start submitting a new article all over the net.

Stewart, Anna-Marie. DevBay (2005). Articles>Writing>Publishing>Online


Don't Quote Me on That!

Single quote, double quote, or no quote? This seemingly simple question is often asked by those new to PHP. Suprisingly, however, some of those who claimed to be PHP programmer also can't tell the difference. It's very simple, really.

DevBay (2005). Articles>Web Design>Server Side Includes>PHP


Flash: Friend or Foe?

Macromedia Flash is spreading rapidly across the Internet and many web designers and developers believe Flash, as it is commonly called, is the future of Internet design. The use of Flash includes moving graphics, sounds, motion, and interactivity. These are great from a graphics standpoint although the areas most important to web surfers are content, speed and simple navigation. Of course, Flash has its benefits it has its drawbacks as well and an evaluation of both the pros and cons of Macromedia Flash will help you determine whether Flash is your website's friend or foe.

DevBay (2005). Design>Web Design>Software>Flash


To Dream, Weave, or Read The Front Page?

What You See Is What You Get Editors (referred to as WYSIWYG editors from here after) are programs that have been written specifically to aid in the development of Websites and their components, I say components as in this day and age database management and script setup have major parts to play within the editors. In the next ten minutes you will realise that WYSIWYG editors are not the way to go.

Harrop, Jamie. DevBay (2005). Articles>Web Design>Software>Dreamweaver

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