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Review: DITA Open Toolkit GUI

I just spent some time playing with this tool and find it a clean, quick alternative to the more complex Echidna/WinANT tool. DITAOT-GUI provides a simple interface, allowing users to select a map, DITAVAL filter, output location and output type. It bypasses the need to create a build file but therefore does not allow the use of parameters and properties to specify additional aspects of the build.

Soltys, Keith. Core Dump (2010). Articles>Reviews>Software>DITA


Do Technical Writers Need Certification?

Personally, I’d rather see it done as a series of courses and tests covering major areas of the profession. Basing it on a portfolio immediately cuts out a large portion of the writing community who produce proprietary material. Most writers would probably be better off pursuing an advanced degree like an MA from a university that offers a technical communication program.

Soltys, Keith. Core Dump (2010). Careers>Certification>Technical Writing


Interview with Creator of EServer TC Library

Back in 1194, when I started my Internet Resources for Technical Communicators site, and for a very brief period of time (maybe six months), I was able to list most of the technical communication resources available on the Internet. (My site was, I am told, one of the first 10,000 web sites). But I quickly gave up on the idea of trying to index all of the available resources – I didn’t have the time or the technical capability. Fortunately, other people have been able to do that and we now have the EServer TC Library, which has the goal “to provide tech comm practitioners, students, teachers and managers a comprehensive single location from which to find and access the complete body of knowledge in our field.”

Soltys, Keith. Core Dump (2008). Articles>Interviews>TC>Online


Interview with the Creator of the EServer TC Library

Tom Johnson has an interview the site's creator, Geoff Sauer, who explains some of the details behind the site. I found the discussion of their taxonomy particularly interesting, as it's a problem I've struggled with in my own site.

Soltsys, Keith. Core Dump (2008). Articles>TC>Information Design>Databases


PowerPoint Frustrates Student

I'm not a fan of PowerPoint. I've sat through too many deadly dull presentations by people who didn't know how to make a presentation interesting. So it saddens me to find out that universities have been infected by the PowerPoint virus. At least the students will be prepared for the real world when they graduate.

Soltys, Keith. Core Dump (2009). Articles>Presentations>Software


STC Floundering?

It's been pretty clear over the last few months that the Society for Technical Communication (STC) is facing some hard times. Attendance at this year's conference was way down (below 1,000) and memberships, the other major source of revenue, are falling too. The STC has been sponsoring a series of webinars to discuss future directions and has acknowledged that unless they can turn things around, and quickly, the organization will run out of money in a couple of years.

Soltsys, Keith. Core Dump (2009). Articles>TC>Community Building>STC

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