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Blogging as Social Activity, or, Would You Let 900 Million People Read Your Diary?   (PDF)

'Blogging' is a Web-based form of communication that is rapidly becoming mainstream. In this paper, we report the results of an ethnographic study of blogging, focusing on blogs written by individuals or small groups, with limited audiences. We discuss motivations for blogging, the quality of social interactivity that characterized the blogs we studied, and relationships to the blogger¡¯s audience. We consider the way bloggers related to the known audience of their personal social networks as well as the wider 'blogosphere' of unknown readers. We then make design recommendations for blogging software based on these findings.

Nardi, Bonnie A., Diane J. Schiano and Michelle Gumbrecht. Comcast (2003). Articles>Web Design>Blogging>Social Networking


Help Getting Published

This is a site that links you to Web sites useful for finding venues and writing for publication.

Murdick, William. Comcast (2001). Resources>Directories>Publishing>Writing


William Murdick's Links for Writers

Links for Writers is non-commercial, so there are no banners or cookies. However, it is part of a larger site, The Portable Books, that does have a commerical slant (though, again, no banners or cookies). The Portable Books Web site describes two college textbooks: The Portable Business Writer and The Portable Technical Writer. Please hop over there sometime and look around.

Murdick, William. Comcast. Resources>Writing

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