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After Sarbanes-Oxley, XBRL?

Financial execs may not appreciate it yet, but this new data-tagging system should speed the flow of info and create new ways to analyze it.

Stone, Amey. BusinessWeek (2005). Articles>Business Communication>Financial>XBRL


At Oracle, Simplicity Rules All

To jump-start revenue growth, Mark Jarvis has insisted that simplicity be the foundation not only of Oracle's marketing but also of its product development. Programmers, salespeople, and marketing staff now work closely to satisfy real customer problems, not just deliver glitz. On Nov. 18, Mark Jarvis spoke with BusinessWeek Online Technology reporter Jane Black about his plans to improve Oracle's fortunes. Here are edited excerpts from that conversation.

BusinessWeek (2002). Articles>Usability>Databases>Software


Gunning for Google

Recent redesigns at Yahoo!, Microsoft Live Search, and Ask.com are providing graphically rich alternatives to the minimalist search giant.

Vella, Matt. BusinessWeek (2007). Design>Web Design>User Experience>Search


A New Recipe for VirtualGourmet.com

Two Web design experts suggest a more "scrumptious" feel and better search capabilities to strengthen the food site.

Hamilton , Joan O. BusinessWeek (1999). Articles>Web Design>Redesign>Case Studies


Six Keys to Commanding Body Language

From your stance to the amount of eye contact you make, this slideshow walks you through techniques great speakers employ.

Gallo, Carmine. BusinessWeek (2006). Articles>Presentations


Teaching the Facebook Generation

Today, marketing students also need to know basic HTML, design software such as the Adobe Suite, how to run a Google adwords campaign, how to optimize a Web site for search engines, how to analyze Web analytics data, develop a keyword strategy, and manage e-mail marketing campaigns. A basic knowledge of how social media including sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Twitter can be used to leverage a marketing message isn't optional—it's a requirement.

Young, Elaine. BusinessWeek (2009). Articles>Education>Business Communication>Social Networking


The Coming Facebook-Twitter Collision

Forget about rivalries with MySpace and LinkedIn. Facebook's real competition is coming from upstart microblogging site Twitter.

Lacy, Sarah. BusinessWeek (2009). Articles>Web Design>Blogging>Social Networking


Usability Is Next to Profitability

Throughout Corporate America, chief information officers have tightened their budgets. No pennies can be wasted -- especially on software that requires lengthy and expensive training to use. Nor is the only goal of usability testing to help customers save money. Software suppliers are benefiting, too, because by paying more attention to usability, they often catch mistakes that otherwise would make it into the final product. Two decades after Apple Computer revolutionized PC software with its intuitive, easy-to-use designs, dozens of top tech companies are finally getting serious about usability.

Black, Jane. BusinessWeek (2002). Articles>Usability>Assessment

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