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All Advice on How to Manage Creative People is Awful

A good manager is someone who makes everyone feel like he or she is creative in their work. Because creative work is the most fulfilling work, and we are each capable of that kind of work.

Trunk, Penelope. Brazen Careerist (2009). Articles>Management>Collaboration


Brazen Careerist

What I think my life is about is figuring out how to find success at the intersection of work and lifeā€”one happy, synchronized adventure. It's a difficult task, and I don't want to do it alone. So my blog is a community where we all do it together.

Trunk, Penelope. Brazen Careerist (2009). Resources>Careers>Blogs


Reality Check: You're Not Going to Make Money from Your Blog

Almost everyone should forget about making money directly from blogging. It's so unlikely that it's a total waste of your time trying. I am actually shocked at how ubiquitous the idea is that blogging is a get-rich-quick scheme. Or even a get-rich-slowly scheme. It's not. Blogging is a great career tool for creating opportunities for yourself. But here are eight reasons you should stop thinking about money from blogging.

Trunk, Penelope. Brazen Careerist (2009). Careers>Web Design>Blogging

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