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Agile Documentation with doctest and epydoc

A Test Map is a list of unit tests associated with a specific function/method under test. It helps you see how that specific function/method is being exercised via unit tests.

Gheorghiu, Grig. Blogspot (2005). Articles>Documentation>Agile


All About Users

A blog from Bangalore based on everything related to the user experience and interaction.

Monteiro, Percy. Blogspot. Resources>Usability>User Centered Design>Blogs


Blog on Technical Writing, Usability, and More

Suman Kumar's weblog on technical writing, usability, tips, tricks and more!

Kumar, Suman. Blogspot. Resources>Writing>Technical Writing>Blogs


A Blog on Usability in India

This Indian usability blog attempts to bridge the gap between user requirements research and UI design.

Pillai, Muthu. Blogspot (2004). Resources>Usability>User Centered Design>Blogs


Bounce Rate Demystified

What is the industry standard for bounce rate? The simple and short answer is that there is no industry standard. I know you don’t want to hear that, but it is true. There is no industry standard. There are some ranges that I will share shortly but we can’t call them industry standards. There are a lot of factors that influence the bounce rate, so you really can’t compare bounce rates of one site (or page) to another.

Batra, Anil. Blogspot (2007). Articles>Web Design>Audience Analysis>Log Analysis


Creating Usability Awareness in India

A weblog to help create usability awareness in India.

Cua, Vijay. Blogspot (2007). Design>Usability>Regional>India


Cyblog: Design Matters

A weblog about web, user interface and user experience design.

Deshpande, Amit. Blogspot. Resources>Web Design>User Experience>Blogs


Estimating Resources in Technical Writing

Project management principles that can easily be applied to working as a documentation manager.

Prabhakar, Rahul. Blogspot (2006). Careers>Management>Project Management>Technical Writing


From this Side of Campus

From my side of campus, it's a pain in the rear to get help with a technology thing that our TLT folks really want us to use. I'm not a super early adopter or a computer whiz, but I'm not anti-technology right off the bat. My love for technology corresponds very closely to how user friendly or learnable the technology is, how useful it is, and how fun it is (and, if I'm purchasing it myself, how it fits into my budget). I think a week and a half is too long to wait to get help with three or four smallish questions.

Blogspot (2010). Articles>Education>Collaboration>Technology


How Not to Write Fiction

I have never fabricated or fictionalized research data. Besides being completely unethical, that would have missed the point. It would have taken all the fun out of it! How easy and how boring that would have been.

Spinuzzi, Clay. Blogspot (2009). Articles>Writing>Research>Ethnographies


How to Customize the DITA Open Toolkit PDF Plugin Output to Remove "on page xx" Text for Cross References

This tutorial uses the DITA Open Toolkit and the corresponding PDF plugin release, and Wrycan's demo text. This assumes you have a working DITA environment and can run the default formatting with PDF plugin.

Blogspot (2009). Articles>Information Design>XML>DITA


Humanities Instructors and Technical Students

I’ve been working with some ocean engineering students who are writing a methods section for a technical report. One of the lessons we’ve had to discuss has to do with passive voice. They’ve been told, over and over, never to write in the passive voice. They avoid it pretty consistently. They’ve also been told that a methods section is like a set of instructions for someone who wants to duplicate your work. Both pieces of advice are, in this case, incorrect and can serve to illustrate some of the challenges involved with teaching technical communication.

England, Pete. Blogspot (2010). Articles>Writing>Education>Reports


Information Architecture, Usability, Customer Experience

A blog on the Usability, HCI, and customer experience industry by an Indian User Experience professional with a decade of providing customer centric solutions and a pragmatic approach to business problems.

Masood, Nasser. Blogspot (2006). Resources>Usability>User Experience>Blogs


Is Revision Separate from Writing?

In thinking and writing about groups working on revising a document, I’ve become increasingly convinced that “revision” may be an artificial separation. There is a substantial, though not insurmountable, body of research that indicates revision is indeed something different than writing, or that revision is at least something which it is possible to distinguish from writing even if it is not separable from writing.

England, Pete. Blogspot (2010). Articles>Writing>Editing


Review: KnowGenesis Online Library for Technical Communication

What makes KnowGenesis different is, I feel, it has a potential both for the corporate needs and the non-corporate users of knowledge management (KM). On one hand, organizational and corporate knowledge is captured, processed, shared and available in many KM portals are well organized. And, in such a junction, this journal adds value to the existing knowledgebase with its own specialty.

Taher, Mohamed. Blogspot (2006). Articles>Reviews>TC


Managing Conflicts within a Team of Writers

It is quite challenging for a manager to integrate a diverse group of intelligent and creative professionals into a single, cohesive unit. As much as you may try to avoid it, conflict among your employees is bound to rear its ugly head from time to time.

Prabhakar, Rahul. Blogspot (2006). Careers>Management>Writing>Technical Writing


Managing the TWI Mailing List: As Tough as it Gets

The success or failure of any mailing list depends entirely on its members - as in how effectively can they contribute on the list or how diligently can they enhance the quality of ongoing discussions. If you watch closely, the level of discussions combined with the maturity of posters is what characterizes these mailing lists to a large extent. For instance, take a firsthand look at Technical Writers India mailing list or TWI, as it is popularly called.

Prabhakar, Rahul. Blogspot (2006). Articles>Documentation>Technical Writing


My Quantum-Mechanical Resume

Are all of your personal user guides and other documentation organized into nice, neat little piles that you can easily access? Are all your computer files organized into logical folders? Do you back up your files on a regular basis? Have you documented all your important personal information and kept it in a safe place?

Brooke, Andrew. Blogspot (2010). Careers>TC>Technical Writing>Resumes


NASA Science Case Study - Part I - Why Plone?

Back in 2008, Pydanny and I presented at the Plone Conference in DC on NASA Science, the Science Mission Directorates' outreach site. In case you didn't know, we did it in Plone, and everyone seemed to want to know why and how. We decided to tell the world with a presentation, and not long after, were asked to write up a case study. Here it is.

Cunningham, Katie. Blogspot (2009). Articles>Content Management>Case Studies>Plone


On Writing

Whatever your role in a project, insist on getting the spec right before the code is written. The spec'ing process may take several iterations, so plan accordingly.

Shetty, Ashish. Blogspot. Articles>Writing>Specifications


Problems with TC Service Courses at Research Universities, Part 1

The majority of technical writing service courses are offered by English Departments. Commonly, literature departments simply continued on in the money- and time-saving practice of hiring adjunct lecturers to teach technical writing, thus playing a starring role in some of the most common problems in technical writing service courses today.

England, Pete. Blogspot (2010). Articles>Education>TC>History


Return on Engagement (Investment)

Starbucks and Toyota have two of the most effective social media strategies among the ranked companies. There is an interesting correlations between these companies. Their social media strategies are very similar, and both have high levels of ROE.

Castronova, John. Blogspot (2010). Articles>Content Management>Social Networking>Case Studies


A Tech Writer Dies and Goes to Heaven

A joke about what technical writers' heaven might be like.

Hughes, Michael A. Blogspot (2008). Humor>Writing>Technical Writing>SMEs


Tech Writer Salaries in the U.S.

It's hard to say how much money full time freelance technical writers make. But we do have some data on salaries made by full time technical writers working for a company.

Adar, Bryan S. Blogspot (2008). Careers>Writing>Salaries>Technical Writing


Tech Writing = OCD?

The LabVIEW Documentation team consists of some of the most detail-oriented people you will ever meet. We debate using "attend" vs. "participate in". We agonize over "both" vs. "either". We spend half an hour brainstorming the placement of a level 2 heading and worry over its effects on the help file table of contents.

Blogspot (2008). Articles>Writing>Technical Writing



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