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DITA and Wiki Combo

What are your thoughts on whether wikis could be used for end-user technical documentation? I'd imagine that a more structured wiki based on DITA content (which may have already been created for end-users) might work well for technical documentation. Have you seen any good examples? I'd love to see a well-done example.

Gentle, Anne. BMC Software (2008). Articles>Content Management>Wikis>DITA


Exploring Information Design and Development

Known to write a script or two to automate repetitive tasks like help builds, she also likes to write posts about XML-based information models like Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA). She often experiments with online help technology, enjoys writing blog entries, and wants to find new ways to use communication to help people understand technical solutions to complex problems.

Gentle, Anne. BMC Software (2007). Resources>Information Design>Documentation>Blogs


How to Substitute Your Custom CSS When Using DITA Open Toolkit Transforms

When you want to use the DITA Open Toolkit transforms but you want to use your own CSS, here's how to substitute your CSS for HTML Help (CHM).

Gentle, Anne. BMC Software (2009). Articles>Information Design>XML>DITA


A Watched Folder for Publishing from DITA Source Files

This post describes creating a watched folder that runs DITA transforms on content that is copied into the folder on a shared server. It also gives instructions for using this "transform engine" to output both PDF and CHM files using the default DITA Open Toolkit transform files. I devised this set up so that we could test our prototypes while we model our existing content, and I wanted to share it with others who are getting started with DITA on a small scale.

Gentle, Anne. BMC Software (2008). Articles>Information Design>DITA>Adobe Acrobat

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