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The Absence of Light   (PDF)

If you ever create shadows in your designs or illustrations, check out these tips for making them richer and more realistic.

Campbell, J. Scott. Adobe Magazine (1997). Design>Graphic Design>Image Editing


Access Ability   (PDF)

More and more Web surfers are vision-impaired. Can they understand your site?

Williams, Maxine. Adobe Magazine (1999). Design>Web Design>Accessibility


Anti-Aliasing Evolves   (PDF)

A variety of technologies are evolving to help make type readable on the computer screen. Here's a report on anti-aliasing.

Tinkel, Kathleen. Adobe Magazine (1997). Design>Typography>Online


Be Your Own Private Eye   (PDF)

Your document won't print? Don't panic - here's a systematic guide to troubleshooting the problem.

Powers, Lynn. Adobe Magazine (1995). Articles>Computing


The Best of Both Worlds   (PDF)

OpenType, a new font format and font-rasterization technology jointly developed by Adobe and Microsoft, promises to make fonts more sophisticated and easier to use.

Larkin, James. Adobe Magazine (1997). Design>Typography>Standards


Beyond the Phone Book   (PDF)

Whether you know it or not, 'database publishing' probably describes some of what you do. Here's how to do it better!

Kvern, Olav Martin. Adobe Magazine (1996). Design>Document Design>Databases


The Bleach Wars   (PDF)

Blank paper...could anything be more basic and uncontroversial? Who'd have thought those innocuous white sheets could cause such a ruckus? Learn what the fuss is about and why paper mills and environmentalists are lining up on either side of the presses.

Sidles, Constance J. Adobe Magazine (1998). Design>Document Design>Prepress>Paper


Blurring the Boundaries   (PDF)

For years, the desktop-publishing landscape has been characterized by sharp boundaries - PC vs. Mac, vector vs. bitmap, page-layout vs. illustration, and so on. But Illustrator provides the perfect example of how that is changing.

Kvern, Olav Martin. Adobe Magazine (1997). Design>Graphic Design>Software>Adobe Illustrator


Choice Paper   (PDF)

Even the pros forget the basics sometimes. Constance Sidles gives a quick refresher course on asking yourself, and your client, all the right questions when you're choosing paper.

Sidles, Constance J. Adobe Magazine (1998). Design>Document Design>Prepress>Paper


Color in Mind   (PDF)

Despite advances in the technology of measuring and managing it, how we perceive color is still full of mystery and illusions.

Fraser, Bruce. Adobe Magazine (1996). Design>Graphic Design>Prepress>Color


Color Under Control   (PDF)

Several years after the hype began, color management is maturing into a useful tool that can solve real problems. Here's a comprehensive overview.

Fraser, Bruce. Adobe Magazine (1995). Design>Document Design>Prepress>Color


Coming to Terms   (PDF)

Picking paper involves deciphering a lot of arcane terminology. Here's a quick reference guide.

Sidles, Constance J. Adobe Magazine (1996). Articles>Document Design>Prepress>Paper


Compromise and Compress   (PDF)

What to keep and what to cut when making Web movies in Premiere.

Waggoner, Ben. Adobe Magazine (2000). Design>Multimedia>Web Design>Video


The Demise of the Lone Ranger   (PDF)

Mavericks need not apply. In Web design, you have to collaborate.

Giordan, Daniel. Adobe Magazine (2000). Careers>Web Design>Collaboration


Design for Interaction   (PDF)

If you're familiar with the term user-interface (UI) design, you may think of it as the domain of software engineers. But software isn't the only product that has an interface - all products do, in fact. If you're one of the many designers who creates Web sites, PDF files, or other types of nonlinear or interactive publications, you can probably benefit from some of the principles of UI design.

Mullarky, Rick. Adobe Magazine (1998). Design>User Interface>Interactive


Disappearing Act   (PDF)

It's easy enough to create an irregularly shaped image in Photoshop, but how do you get the rectangular background to disappear when you use that image on the Web or in a print-based layout? Here are some great techniques that'll help you focus on your subject.

Dayton, Linnea and Jack Davis. Adobe Magazine (1998). Design>Web Design>Graphic Design


Draw and Order   (PDF)

If you create technical art in Illustrator, check out these tips - in fact, check them out even if you don't.

Alspach, Ted and Jennifer Alspach. Adobe Magazine (1996). Design>Graphic Design>Technical Illustration>Adobe Illustrator


Everybody Makes Mistakes   (PDF)

Special 'blooper reel' edition: the author's biggest paper mistakes.

Sidles, Constance J. Adobe Magazine (1996). Design>Document Design>Prepress>Paper


The Form Revolution, Part II   (PDF)

In Part I, you got PDF forms to run and talk. Now you get to make them really smart.

Guthrie, Malcolm. Adobe Magazine (2000). Design>Document Design>Software>Adobe Acrobat


The Full Gamut   (PDF)

Give your colors the room they need in Photoshop by understanding and choosing RGB working spaces.

Fraser, Bruce. Adobe Magazine (1999). Design>Graphic Design>Prepress>Color


Full-Blast PageMaker   (PDF)

The next best thing to buying a new system: getting the most out of PageMaker's performance on the one you have.

Cutler, Jim. Adobe Magazine (1996). Design>Document Design>Software>Adobe PageMaker


The Future Meets the Press   (PDF)

Digital technology has transformed design, layout, and prepress; now it's beginning to change printing presses too.

Shuster, Robert. Adobe Magazine (1996). Design>Document Design>Prepress


Get It Inline   (PDF)

Inline frames in Adobe InDesign help you keep your text and graphic frames (or text frames or groups) sticking together.

Kvern, Olav Martin. Adobe Magazine (1999). Design>Document Design>Software>Adobe InDesign


Getting the Lead In   (PDF)

Working with leading grids can make your PageMaker layouts faster, easier, and better-looking - and you don't even have to be Swiss.

Cole, Tim. Adobe Magazine (1995). Design>Document Design>Software>Adobe PageMaker



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