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Academic Programs Directory   (members only)

This section of the ATTW site provides links to academic programs in technical communication.

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As Simple As Possible...And No Simpler   (PDF)

A PowerPoint presentation about the difficulties of categorizing technical communication. It's not an easy thing to do, if the journals and textbooks in our own field don't consistently agree as to the major and minor categories. This PDF version of a PowerPoint presentation outlines the issues confronted by the EServer TC Library as it attempts to create a system of categories for its index of thousands of works in the fields of technical, scientific and professional communication.

Sauer, Geoffrey. ATTW (2005). Presentations>TC>Taxonomy


The Association of Teachers of Technical Writing   (members only)

The Association of Teachers of Technical Writing was formed in 1973 to encourage dialogue among teachers of technical communication and to develop technical communication as an academic discipline. ATTW today has approximately 1,000 members and includes both graduate and undergraduate students of technical communication as well as professional technical communicators in business and industry.

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ATTW Bibliography (1997)   (members only)

In the 1997 bibliography, I’ve included all the categories of the taxonomy, even if the contributors have submitted no entries in a given section. Several users informed me that they prefer to see the entire taxonomy since doing so facilitates their research; thus it seemed wise to return to our original list of sections. This year, we have added quite a few new sources; all are noted on the list of works consulted at the end of this bibliography. We have expanded in the areas of health, risk, and environmental communication publications; we continue last year’s trend of fewer entries in editing, revision, and the general writing aspect of the profession. No new categories have been added.

ATTW (1997). Resources>Bibliographies>TC


ATTW Bibliography (1998)   (members only)

The ATTW Bibliography is at a point of transition with a new editor and a request from the ATTW Executive Committee to publish an online version of the bibliography on the ATTW Web site. In the next few months, the bibliography committee plans to focus on the design and content of an online bibliography. The goal is to build a bibliography that provides easy and up-to-date access to technical communication resources.

ATTW (1998). Resources>Bibliographies>TC


ATTW Bibliography (1999)   (members only)

The bibliography committee began the year with three goals: (1) explore the development of an online database for the bibliography, (2) survey members of ATTW at the annual meeting, and (3) continue to publish the annual bibliography in TCQ.

ATTW (1999). Resources>Bibliographies>TC


ATTW Bibliography (2000)   (members only)

Committee members since 1975 have reviewed periodicals and books for discussions of technical communication issues to build the bibliography to a significant resource for technical communication.

ATTW (2000). Resources>Bibliographies>TC


ATTW Bibliography (2001)   (members only)

Each year a committee of technical communication teachers and researchers review journals and books for work important to our activities. This year two graduate students joined the committee.

ATTW (2001). Resources>Bibliographies>TC


ATTW Calls for Papers Database   (members only)

This section of the ATTW site is available to all visitors. It allows you to post or view calls for journal articles, conference presentations, award nominations, etc.

ATTW. Academic>Calls For Papers


ATTW Jobs Database   (members only)

This site hosts a database of current faculty positions available in TC departments around the US.

ATTW. Careers>Job Listings>Faculty


ATTW Members Directory   (members only)

This section of the site contains a listing of current ATTW members who have registered, including contact information. It is accessible to ATTW members only.

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ATTW Teaching Resources   (members only)

This site provides course syllabi and teaching materials for graduate and undergraduate courses in technical communication.

Kahn, Russell L. ATTW. Academic>Course Materials


ATTW Teaching Resources: Syllabi   (members only)

This section of the ATTW site includes course syllabi and teaching materials for graduate and undergraduate courses in technical communication. Faculty and staff may submit and view syllabi in HTML and plain text (ASCII) format. The syllabi in the categories cover such things as home pages used in the classroom, course assignments, textbooks used, and class projects. Many of the syllabi include links to other websites and teaching materials.

Kahn, Russell L. ATTW. Academic>Course Materials


ATTW Teaching Resources: Teaching Tips   (members only)

This section of the ATTW site allows visitors to view and post teaching tips, including effective class activities and course assignments.

ATTW. Academic>Course Materials>Education


ATTW Teaching Resources: Textbook Publishers

This section provides a list of links to publishers of technical writing textbooks.

ATTW. Resources>Directories>Textbooks


ATTW-L Mailing List Archive   (members only)

An archive of the messages sent to the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing mailing list.

ATTW. Resources>Mailing Lists


Review: Communication Reference Books for Engineers and Scientists

Over the past years, many reference books have been published for various science and engineering disciplines. Based on publishers’ descriptions, I selected four for review.

Kaempf, Charlotte. ATTW Bulletin (2005). Articles>Reviews>Scientific Communication>Engineering


Infographics in Technical Writing and Communication

Infographics seem to be the “in thing” in information design these days, and more technical writing instructors are beginning to include them as assignments in their classes. I first became interested in infographics when I started to see how the genre of graphs and charts had shifted from simplistic representations to ones embellished with graphics (as those originally shown in USA Today). I then saw this trend move to even more complex visual and verbal presentations of quantitative and qualitative information in newspapers, websites, and books.

Brasseur, Lee. ATTW (2013). Articles>Graphic Design>Information Design>Charts and Graphs


Proposal Writing Resources   (members only)

The goal of this site is to provide writers with links to useful resources for developing, managing, and writing proposals. This site is organized into five broad categories: Federal Funding, Private Foundations & Nonprofits, Academic Fellowships, Links, Discussion Lists, & Advice, and Companies, Consultants, & Software.

Munger, Roger H. ATTW. Articles>Grants>Proposals>Writing


Review: Textbooks for Business and Technical Writing Courses

Those of us involved in teaching the survey course in business and technical writing--one which encompasses a wide range of documents--frequently wonder if we are using the best textbook for our purposes.

Goleman, Patricia. ATTW Bulletin (2005). Articles>Reviews>Textbooks


Web-Based Translators in the Technical Communication Classroom: What Use Are They?

The author discusses the usefulness of web-based translators in the technical communication classroom. He reports on the pedagogical application of web-based translators in a technical communication course. The author concludes that while web-based translators do not offer accurate translations, they do offer possibilities to the instructor who wants the students to learn about the benefits and hazards of using web-based translators to localize technical documents.

Tesdell, Lee S. ATTW Bulletin (2005). Articles>Education>Localization>Machine Translation

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