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Building a SQL Server 2005 Integration Services Package Using Visual Studio 2005

A comprehensive start from scratch and step-by-step approach to learn this important procedure. This illustrated article is your guide to SSIS designing.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. ASPAlliance (2006). Articles>Information Design>Web Design>SQL


Generating and Hosting a SQL Server Reporting Services Report Using SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Development Studio

A step-by-step must read article on SQL 2005 Reporting Services which creates a report and hosts it on an intranet server.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. ASPAlliance (2006). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL


Leveraging AJAX and JSON using Dojo Tool Kit

This article shows how AJAX calls are made using the JavaScript extensions developed by the Dojo foundation to retrieve data using the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)and displaying the results on the browser.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. ASPAlliance (2007). Articles>Computing>Web Design>JavaScript


XML Paper Specification (XPS) of a Word 2003 Document

Microsoft breathed new life into legacy office documents by opening an XML window (Office Open XML) to its office products through its royalty-free XPS specification. XPS stands for XML Paper Specification that specifies cross-platform, open standard, document representation that can be used for generating, sharing, printing and archiving of paginated documents. Its virtues in Microsoft's own words are, "With XPS, documents print better, can be shared easier, be archived with confidence, and are more secure."

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. ASPAlliance (2007). Articles>Document Design>XML>Microsoft Word

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