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Audio Recording of Workshops and Seminars

The AHDS made audio recordings of recent seminars with the aim of transcribing the recordings, and presented them to seminar chairs to facilitate their task of completing reports on each event. This case study looks at some of the issues that occurred as the AHDS recorded and transcribed the material from these seminars. While its findings are based on roundtable seminars, some of them may also be of use to those doing other types of audio recording - interviews, field notes etc.

AHDS (2006). Articles>Collaboration>Multimedia>Audio


Digitising History: A Guide to Creating Digital Resources from Historical Documents

This guide is intended as a reference work for individuals and organisations involved with, or planning, the computerisation of historical source documents. It aims to recommend good practice and standards that are generic and relevant to a range of data creation situations, from student projects through to large-scale research projects.

Townsend, Sean, Cressida Chappell and Oscar Struijvé. AHDS (1999). Books>Publishing>Online>History


Humanising Technology: the Studio Lab and Innovation

The central thesis of the report is that in the emerging digitally networked society, the creative arts and cultural institutions are mutating by forming a constellation of productive relationships with the science and technology research system, industry, humanistic and social science scholarship, and with emerging new structures of civil society. This apparently rising density of communication suggests the need to rethink some aspects of the relationship between cultural support policy, innovation and research policy, and the still nascent but interconnected set of concerns about the requirements for widespread creative participation in a 'techno-sphere' increasingly shaped by fast-changing digital media technologies.

Century, Michael. AHDS (2006). Articles>Collaboration>Multimedia


Mapping Good Practices in and through Creative Praxis

The notion of 'good practice' was one of the most controversial we encountered in our attempts to create a set of helpful guidelines for the making and sharing of new media tools by and for artists.

Goodman, Lizbeth. AHDS (2006). Articles>TC>Workflow

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