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World Wide Access: Accessible Web Design

This video presentation shows how to make web pages accessible to people with disabilities. It is particularly useful for self-instruction or group training for people who design and support websites and/or teach web design classes. The accompanying publication provides details and resources on this topic. The presentation is open-captioned and audio-described to assure access to the content for viewers who are deaf or blind, respectively.

University of Washington-Seattle (2003). Design>Web Design>Accessibility>Video


WPF/Silverlight Tutorial: Visibility Property and Binding

Visibility property is a very powerful and yet often overlooked property available in both WPF and Silverlight. It enables you to set Visibility of certain UIElement objects to different states like: Visible, Collapsed and Hidden (not supported by Silverlight). This tutorial shows you how to use it and how to bind to Visibility property.

(2010). Articles>Multimedia>Video>Silverlight


Writing Scripts for Training Videos   (members only)

If you are interested in writing a script for a training video, this article provides you with the basics of writing a training video script and how to avoid some unpleasant surprises as you write your script.

Kulabkar, Pankaja. Intercom (2011). Articles>Documentation>Multimedia>Video


Video: Obvious Always Wins

Pulls back the curtain on an significant design change for a large-scale mobile app and discuss the in-depth thinking/processes that went into it. Answers audience questions and cover responsive web designs, native applications, form conversions, touch gestures, navigation, cross-platform consistency and more.

Wroblewski, Luke. LukeW Interface Designs (2016). Design>Web Design>Video>User Centered Design



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