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A Shortcut for Selecting Online Publishing Tools for UNIX   (PDF)

Online publishing is beginning to boom thanks to recent technology developments. On Unix platforms, the variety of tools available for developing online documents can be confusing. The confusion eases considerably when you realize that the tools are of two types: those that emphasize searching the document's text and those that emphasize presenting the document's information. A third type of tool, designed specifically for online publishing, will become available on Unix platforms soon. Someone looking for an online publishing tool can quickly narrow the selection by considering which of these types best fits the application.

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Speaking UNIX, Part 1: Command the Power of the Command Line

Learn the basics of the UNIX shell and discover how you can use the command line to combine the finite set of UNIX utilities into innumerable data transforms.

Streicher, Martin. IBM (2006). Articles>Software>Operating Systems>UNIX


Speaking UNIX, Part 9: Regular Expressions

Virtually all non-trivial problems require you to filter good data from bad. Discover the many UNIX command line utilities that use regular expressions to discern the relevant from the irrelevant.

Streicher, Martin. IBM (2007). Articles>Editing>Regular Expressions>UNIX


The UNIX GUI Manifesto

GUI fragmentation is the greatest competitive weakness of UNIX. There is no standard Unix File Manager or Text Editor or Help -- that's shocking, in this age! Every Windows or Mac machine has a standard file manager and text editor and help system. The casual end user can accomplish elementary end-user tasks without encountering anything different from machine to machine.

Hoffman, Michael. Hypertext Navigation. Design>User Interface>Operating Systems>UNIX


Using UNIX Scripts to Put Documentation Online   (PDF)

Standard UNIX commands can be combined into scripts. Such scripts permit the automation of tasks that otherwise may take many hours of manual work. The paper shows how scripts can solve such problems as putting messages online and indexing texts.

Haltresht, Michael. STC Proceedings (1993). Articles>Documentation>Programming>UNIX


Using UNIX Tools To Write Automated Documentation Checks   (PDF)

Writers working on the UNIX® operating system can use basic utilities, along with shell programming, to write scripts that check documentation for completeness and adherence to house style.

Skyer, Susannah. STC Proceedings (1994). Presentations>Documentation>Software>UNIX


What's the Diff? Diff XML Documents

If you are handling many XML documents, sometimes you need to check the differences between two or more documents. You can perform diffs of XML documents with online and command-line tools.

O'Reilly and Associates (2005). Articles>Information Design>XML>UNIX

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