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Accessibility Tutorials

A collection of tutorials to help web designers understand accessibility issues.

Accessify. Resources>Tutorials>Accessibility>Web Design


Acrobat How-to: Enhancing Tutorials With Interactive Elements

A funny thing happens to students after class: They forget what they've learned. But adding interactivity can engage the reader. Try these simple methods.

McCue, Claudia. Creative Pro (2004). Articles>Education>Tutorials>Adobe Acrobat


Balancing the Elements in Job Aid Design   (PDF)

Job Aids offer the Technical Communicator a unique opportunity to present acquired product knowledge in a creative format. In order to produce a successful job aid, you must select and blend elements of material, color, graphics, text, typography, and ergonomics in a manner that will be most useful to the intended user. The information for the Job Aid is culled from the larger project deliverables such as User Manuals or Procedure Guides; the creativity for the Job Aid comes from within and is driven by the needs of the user and the limitations of time, money, and environment.

Houterman, John and Kristine E. Henriksen. STC Proceedings (1997). Articles>Education>Tutorials


Build a Creative "Swirl Animated Menu" with Flash CS4

Flash. It’s a powerful application and can be really complex, but even beginners can create a cool menu for demonstration or for use in a personal site. The menu that we will create is simple, but the swirl animation is something that you don’t see everywhere, for that I’ve decided to explain one way to make an animation of growing swirls without any Action Script code.You will also learn how to import artwork from illustrator where I’ve pre-made the graphics, the work is very simple and the result will be very cool.

Santos, Mario. Tech Labs, The (2009). Resources>Tutorials>Interaction Design>Flash


Creating a Multi-Page Document Using AutoFlow

In this tutorial, we are going to create a simple layout for an existing text document.

Iowa State University (2001). Design>Document Design>Tutorials>Adobe InDesign


CSS Media Queries: A Quick Guide

A tutorial for beginners on how to use CSS media queries for responsive Web design. Discusses the known advantages and disadvantages of this method.

Pollock, John. Script the Web (2012). Design>Tutorials>Usability>CSS


Designing for the Web: A Tutorial by Mike Markel

This tutorial presents a brief overview of the process of creating a Web site, introduces you to important design principles to consider as you design a site, and helps you analyze the design of sample Web pages. Although the principles presented here apply to all kinds of Web sites, the primary focus is on sites for organizations'from student groups to corporate Web sites'rather than on personal Web sites.

Markel, Mike. Bedford-St. Martin's (2007). Design>Web Design>Tutorials


Digital Video Design and Production Tips for Technical Communication   (PDF)

Technical communicators can expect to see an expanding role of video in product documentation, training, and marketing presentations. This is largely due to three factors: (1) digital video lowers the technology and cost thresholds to bring video to the desktop, (2) video makes sense for conveying information involving movement, and (3) video is a popular consumer medium. To technical communicators, video is a new medium in which visual communication is key. Narration and text are subordinate. Technical videographers must learn and apply video design principles and good production practices to create effective video that communicates the information.

Robbins, David B. STC Proceedings (2001). Presentations>Tutorials>Video


Dreamweaver 4 Tutorial: A Guide for New Users

If you've been thinking of making the jump to Dreamweaver, you couldn't find a better time than now. Version 4 was recently released and has earned a slew of glowing reviews. We've prepared this guide with new users in mind, those who have intranet or Internet experience, but haven't tried Dreamweaver before. The instructions that follow are for Dreamweaver 4.

Dreier, Troy A. Intranet Journal (2000). Resources>Tutorials>Web Design>Dreamweaver


Dreamweaver Tutorials: Getting Started

Learn how you can get up and running quickly with Dreamweaver MX. Watch these tutorial movies, and get started today.

Adobe (2004). Resources>Tutorials>Streaming>Dreamweaver


Enhancing Tutorials With Acrobat

Ideas for enhancing tutorial documents using Acrobat features.

McCue, Claudia. PlanetPDF (2004). Design>Document Design>Tutorials>Adobe Acrobat


Evaluating Online Tutorials on Software Applications

Nowadays, there are a lot of software applications designed to meet the need of end users to simplify their work. These software applications usually come with supporting tools to help users with system setup and requirements, installation guides, troubleshooting, or getting-started tutorials. When looking for more information on a specific topic or “how to” on a software application, users usually tend to look first on the manufacturer’s Web site. In reality, however, the result doesn’t always answer our questions, because the manufacturer may have a wide variety of tutorials that may confuse us, the manufacturer’s tutorials may be intended for experienced users, or tutorials may be incomplete because the manufacturer only goes through the basics of the software application.

Lumenta, Agnes. Techniques (2003). Articles>Education>Tutorials>Online


The Evolving Role Technical Communicator as Video Tutorial Producer   (members only)

Although videos have been traditionally used for technical training, traditional technical communications take the form of user manuals, help documentation, and instructional guides. Technology has arguably blurred the lines between “traditional” technical communications materials and “traditional” technical training materials. Technical writing has begun to morph with technical training. The once-clear difference between documentation and training now lends itself to the ever-growing trend of super hybrids. Just do a search for “technical writer” or “instructional designer” on any popular job search engine; you’ll find that the title “Technical Writer” today requires us to understand and create job aids, e-learning content, and learning management systems along with all the traditional user manuals, audience analysis, and usability testing.

Schrankler, Stephanie. Intercom (2010). Articles>Documentation>Tutorials>Multimedia


Getting Started with Flash Video

In this brief tutorial you will learn how to build a simple Macromedia Flash video project in just five easy steps.

Adobe (2004). Resources>Tutorials>Streaming>Flash


The Importance of Staff Induction

Staff induction activities are designed to provide new-starters with the information they need, as well as getting them up to speed on how the organisation works. Induction processes are vital to ensuring that new staff are productive as quickly as possible, and should play a key role in knowledge management initiatives.

Robertson, James. Step Two (2004). Articles>Education>Tutorials


Integrating Training and Documentation   (PDF)

The potential problems I detailed in working to integrate training and documentation functions do indeed occur in many organizations. They have also found that working out the problems is worth the effort.

Hackos, JoAnn T. ComTech Services (1994). Articles>Documentation>Tutorials


Introduction to Macromedia Dreamweaver (I)   (members only)

Macromedia Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor used for web page creation. This video will guide you through the first use of Dreamweaver MX. It is followed by Introduction to Macromedia Dreamweaver (II).

Hegelheimer, Volker. Iowa State University (2003). Resources>Tutorials>Streaming>Dreamweaver


Introduction to Macromedia Dreamweaver (II)   (members only)

Macromedia Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor used for web page creation. This video will continue to guide you through the first use of Dreamweaver MX. It follows Introduction to Macromedia Dreamweaver (I).

Hegelheimer, Volker. Iowa State University (2003). Resources>Tutorials>Streaming>Dreamweaver


Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Fundamentals

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Fundamentals is the first in a series of tutorials from Virtual Training Company for Dreamweaver MX. The author of this series, Mark Fletcher, is a member of Team Macromedia for Dreamweaver. Tap into his extensive knowledge as he takes you step-by-step through the creation of a web site. He will show you how to add text and graphics, work with frames and framesets, apply cascading style sheets, and create re-usable content from library items. You will also learn how to insert and edit Flash objects, construct an HTML form, manage your page layout using both HTML tables and the Layout View, structure and maintain your web site using Dreamweaver MX's powerful site management tools, and create a dynamic web page using Macromedia's ColdFusion technology. To start learning, simply click one of the topics below.

Fletcher, Mark. Virtual Training Company (2003). Presentations>Tutorials>Streaming>Dreamweaver


A Macromedia Dreamweaver Tutorial

This tutorial will start off by guiding you through the first steps of building a site with Dreamweaver. Next, we'll look at more advanced elements, like adding media and remotely managing a site. This tutorial focuses on Dreamweaver 3, so if you're using an earlier version, you'll find that some of the features discussed are not available.

Dreier, Troy A. Intranet Journal. Resources>Tutorials>Web Design>Dreamweaver


NetTuts+ Tutorials

Nettuts+ is a site aimed at web developers and designers offering tutorials and articles on technologies, skills and techniques to improve how you design and build websites. We cover HTML, CSS, Javascript, CMS’s, PHP and Ruby on Rails.

NetTuts. Resources>Tutorials>Web Design


Object-Oriented PHP for Beginners

For many PHP programmers, object-oriented programming is a frightening concept, full of complicated syntax and other roadblocks. As detailed in my book, Pro PHP and jQuery, you’ll learn the concepts behind object-oriented programming (OOP), a style of coding in which related actions are grouped into classes to aid in creating more-compact, effective code.

Lengstorf, Jason. NETTUTS (2010). Articles>Web Design>Tutorials>PHP


Planet Photoshop

Tutorials on various image-editing techniques using Adobe Photoshop.

Planet Photoshop. Resources>Tutorials>Graphic Design>Adobe Photoshop


Postcard Announcing an Exhibit

In this tutorial, we will create a postcard announcing a fictitious exhibit (or a real one if you have one coming up:) using InDesign. This tutorial was originally written for the InDesign Workshop.

Iowa State University (2000). Design>Document Design>Tutorials>Adobe InDesign



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