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Comment Spammers: Internet Pigs and How They Feed

Comment spam is irrelevant, unethical, or unwanted commercial-oriented message propagation on comment posting pages of blogs and web sites. Comment spam is invading every interactive and community building aspect of the internet and web. What you need to do to protect yourself and to stop this attack by "internet pigs."

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2004). Articles>Web Design>Discussion Forum>Spam


Content Hypertext Spam

Hiding a commercial ad in editorial text is the latest form of internet garbage. Content Hypertext Spam refers to a link within an article that users assume will lead to relevant content, further information on the topic. Wrong. It deceptively leads to an irrelevant site that tries to sell something. Discover the 14 reasons why this new gimmick is damaging to users and webmasters alike.

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2004). Articles>Business Communication>Web Design>Spam


Is It Safe to Email Editors? Spam Filters Are Causing Unexpected Problems

It wasn't so long ago that freelance writers hesitated to email editors because email queries and other communications might not be the right form. Now comes word that as many as one email in four never gets delivered, even email that the intended recipient wants. This startling number comes from 'More e-mail scandal' an article by Brian Livingston on InfoWorld's web site. Granted, most of the comments and research there is aimed at opt-in email, but it's apparent that other, legitimate emails are also going missing. The problem is twofold: spam and spam filters.

Wayman, Anne. About.com (2001). Articles>Communication>Email>Spam


Just Say No to SEO Spam   (PDF)

Describes several disreputable search engine optimization practices for Web designers to avoid.

Wilkinson, Theresa A. Intercom (2004). Design>Web Design>Search Engine Optimization>Spam


Reducing Junk E-Mail (Spam)

These tips will help you to avoid receiving junk email. They also give you some guidelines to ensure that you don't help its spread.

Unwalla, Mike. TechScribe. Articles>Internet>Email>Spam


Search Engine Spam

Hidden text, doorway pages and mirror sites are all examples of search engine spam and could get you banned from the search engines - make sure your site avoids all of these!

Townes, Frederick. Webcredible (2007). Design>Web Design>Search Engine Optimization>Spam

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