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Adding Style To Your Microsoft Wpf And Silverlight Applications  (link broken)

Windows Presentation Foundation is a cross-browser cross-platform cross-device implementation of .NET for building and delivering the next generation of media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web.

Koenig, Chris. SlideShare (2007). Presentations>Multimedia>Interaction Design>Silverlight


Microsoft Live Mesh: Killer eLearning or RIA Architecture?

Let’s examine a few trends and remember that Apple beat its competitors in the education market twenty years ago by having a rabid fan base along with compelling intuitive software. Microsoft Live’s community had 60 million users last time I checked. Working within the existing Live framework will be critical for any Learning Management Systems (LMS) play that Microsoft chooses to do in the future.

Jeter, Charles. Charles Jeter (2008). Articles>Multimedia>Education>Silverlight


Silverlight 1.0: Getting Started

Silverlight facilitates the creation of rich web content and applications using a lightweight add-on that is friendly to both designers and developers.

Nathan, Adam. Dr. Dobb's (2007). Design>Web Design>Standards>Silverlight


Silverlight versus Flash

Recently I looked at how Adobe is reworking Flash in preparation for the coming battle with Microsoft over the Rich Internet Application (RIA) space and, with it, the likely future of computer-based design. In this article we finally get to see just what forces Microsoft has assembled – and its three staged launches at the MIX 07 conference in Las Vegas effectively amounted to a declaration of all-out war.

Arah, Tom. Designer Info (2007). Articles>Web Design>Multimedia>Silverlight


Top 10 UX Recommendations for Silverlight Command Link usage

After I’ve explained how to build and design custom control – Command Link for Silverlight, I’m now sharing some best UX practices and guidelines regarding the implementation of the Command Link control. Here is the list of best UX practices for design, implementation and usage of Command Link control for Silverlight.

UX Passion (2010). Articles>Multimedia>User Experience>Silverlight


What is Silverlight, Really?

Microsoft's Silverlight technology, launched at the NAB conference two weeks ago and pitched hard to developers at the Mix '07 conference this week, is being taken as a competitor to Adobe's Flash. Since it is a framework for providing rich applications to the Internet browser, it is indeed that. But though Silverlight and Flash are competing technologies, Microsoft's offering is different from Adobe's in key ways.

CNET (2007). Articles>Multimedia>Streaming>Silverlight


WPF/Silverlight Tutorial: Visibility Property and Binding

Visibility property is a very powerful and yet often overlooked property available in both WPF and Silverlight. It enables you to set Visibility of certain UIElement objects to different states like: Visible, Collapsed and Hidden (not supported by Silverlight). This tutorial shows you how to use it and how to bind to Visibility property.

(2010). Articles>Multimedia>Video>Silverlight

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