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SQL is a standard language for querying and modifying data and managing databases. Many databases support SQL with proprietary extensions to the standard language. The core of SQL is formed by a command language that allows the retrieval, insertion, updating, and deletion of data.



VB.NET Application with SQL Anywhere 10 Database

This article by Jayaram Krishnswamy shows how you can develop a VB.NET 2.0 application using the integration features provided by the SQL Anywhere database. The SQL Anywhere tools are directly accessible without going out of the Visual Studio 2.O IDE. The article describes a window application with two examples developed with this easy to use integration interface.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Packt (2007). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL



An online resource for people developing database-driven web applications using Visual Basic and MySQL.

Hillyer, Mike. VBMySQL.com (2005). Articles>Web Design>Databases>SQL


Web Enabling Data on a SQL Anywhere Server using a Native Web Service

Exposing server data to intranet/internet, an attractive and much needed method has become possible due to the native web services, services that can be created on the database itself to which HTTP or Soap requests can be made. SQL Anywhere server, even in version 9.0 [present version SQL Anywhere 10] possessed this built-in capability of being able to expose data on the database server to HTTP requests.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Code Project, The (2008). Articles>Documentation>Databases>SQL


Working With External Data Sources in FileMaker Pro 9

FileMaker 9 opens up ODBC data in a revolutionary way, via the new feature External SQL Data Source. You can work with external data in your FileMaker Pro solutions as if it is FileMaker Pro data.

Stars, Jonathan. FileMaker Advisor (2007). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL



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