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A USENET newsgroup for discussion among users of Adobe FrameMaker.

Google. Resources>Mailing Lists>Software>Adobe FrameMaker


Dreamweaver Depot

This is a mailing list for users of the Dreamweaver Depot website; it will list upcoming events, changes to the website, as well as another forum for general Macromedia Dreamweaver questions.

Yahoo. Resources>Mailing Lists>Software>Dreamweaver


eHelp Community Forums

A community discussion forum for users of eHelp software.

Adobe (2003). Resources>Mailing Lists>Software>RoboHelp


FrameScript Users

A group for users of 'FrameScript' software.

Yahoo. Resources>Mailing Lists>Software>Adobe FrameMaker


GoLive Talk

GoLive Talk is an email list for discussion on topics related to the GoLive product from Adobe Systems.

OmniPilot. Resources>Mailing Lists>Software>Adobe GoLive


PageMaker for Desktop Publishers

The home page of the PAGEMAKR mailing list, an internet resource for desktop publishers, particularly users of Adobe PageMaker software. Our subscription base varies in size from 1,400–2,000, with a core of wonderfully knowledgeable and helpful members. Mail messages can be received as they are posted or once daily as a digest. You will find subscription instructions on the subscription help page, or you can write to a listowner at pagemakr-request@listserv.iupui.edu.

Makingpages.org. Resources>Mailing Lists>Software>Adobe PageMaker

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