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Accelerated Authoring @ Method M

The Method M blog for technical writers, marketing staff, product managers and others who spend hours each week creating documents. This blog is dedicated to helping you work more efficiently and create better documents.

Reichman, Katriel. Method M (2007). Resources>Documentation>Technical Writing>Blogs


The Changing Face of Technical Publications: Aberdeen Group's Topic-Based Authoring and Customization Strategy Guide

Often conflicting pressures to produce communications that better fit customer demands as well as stay within tightening constraints on budgets and schedules are leading many technical communications organizations to a topic-based approach to authoring. In fact, 58% of participants in Aberdeen Group's October 2008 DITA and the Technical Communicator’s Transformation study report that they currently follow author content in a topic-based manner, with a vast majority of those remaining planning to implement one in the future. A topic-based approach promotes greater content reuse and is seeing a considerable impact on the authoring efficiency of technical communications projects today. The benefits of topic-based authoring can be compelling, with findings from the The Technical Communicator’s Transformation study indicating that when pursued the right way, topic-based authoring can have a broad range of benefits, enabling an organization to meet authoring and localization cost targets as well as documentation quality expectations, among others. However, as the adoption of this approach spreads, the advantages seen by today's leading organizations will flatten out. This Sector Insight provides a guide for current adoption of topic-based authoring and those still considering it; outlining the changes that are expected to take place in as topic-based authoring goes mainstream.

Jackson, Chad and David Houlihan. Aberdeen Group (2008). Resources>Documentation>Information Design>Technical Writing


I Heart Tech Docs

A technical writing/technical communication weblog with tips, tools and templates for technical writers.

Walsh, Ivan. I Heart Tech Docs (2003). Resources>Documentation>Blogs>Technical Writing


On Writing

My name is Miranda, and I am an Information Developer (aka technical writer). I am the junior writer on my team, new to the company, and new to the industry. It’s safe to say, I’m the greenhorn. However, I have the honor to work beside some very experienced and very knowledgeable senior writers, so it’s only a matter of time before their good habits rub off on me.

Bennett, Miranda. On Writing (2008). Resources>Documentation>Technical Writing>Blogs


The RoboColum(n)

With in excess of ten years front line authoring experience and many more producing training documentation, I have a passion for language, its use and its odities. I was an Account Manager for a computer bureau providing a service to the advertising industry prior to taking the plunge into technical authoring. A large part of this was the production of technical training material for the ad-hoc customer training and classroom led courses held in the company’s training suite.

McAndrew, Colum. RoboColum(n), The. Resources>Documentation>Technical Writing>Blogs


Technical Documentation

It is important to offer the information that is needed by the user rather than focusing on the product and covering each function without regard to the user.

Usernomics. Resources>Documentation>Technical Writing


TechScribe Online Newsletter

The TechScribe newsletter is designed primarily for purchasers and potential purchasers of technical writing services. It deals with legislation, new products on the market, new services, tools, hints and tips and other matters relating to documentation and a client's business. Of course, it will also keep you updated with what's happening at TechScribe.

TechScribe (2003). Resources>Mailing Lists>Documentation>Technical Writing


Your Writing Dept Blog

Your Writing Dept Blog is a collection of writings from technical writers who would like to develop dynamic, and hopefully, useful content when not creating technical documentation, user guides and training materials. The blog contains useful tips for how to work with a documentation team, and how to best manage documentation project.

Your Writing Dept (2008). Resources>Documentation>Technical Writing>Blogs

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